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Bartell Hotels

Remove the aging and broken 900 gallon storage tank, replace it with an up-to-date efficient, robust water storage system capable of handling heavy demand for a hotel and music venue. Create an outlet solution that accommodates a low ceiling height.

REI HOA - 230 Prospect

REI HOA – 230 Prospect

Large carbon footprint due to older, less efficient hot water equipment. Maintenance and repairs on existing equipment required water shut offs to the whole building, causing inconvenience to residents. A need for a modern, robust and reliable hot water solution to meet the demands of a luxury apartment complex.

University of San Diego

University of San Diego

The university required an efficient and reliable solution to replace the water heating infrastructure for four dormitories housing roughly 1060 students. Due to the beautiful and unique landscaping on the campus, a crane was not feasible to remove the old rooftop boilers.

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