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Project Overview


Remove the aging and broken 900 gallon storage tank, replace it with an up-to-date efficient, robust water storage system capable of handling heavy demand for a hotel and music venue. Create an outlet solution that accommodates a low ceiling height.


Removed old infrastructure, installed four, 200-gallon storage tanks, separate isolation valves, connected to the boiler in series.

Location: Humphreys Half Moon Inn, San Diego, CA

Client background and project scope

Humphreys Half Moon Inn is a large, resort style hotel with 182 guest rooms and suites with adjoining event center. A 900-gallon storage tank was being used to supply hot water to the hotel and venue. This tank was located in the basement in an extremely tight space, and was in poor condition after 40 years of use. Additionally, when problems occurred with this tank, the whole property would lose hot water while repairs and maintenance were conducted resulting in operational interruption. The storage tank was incurring maintenance costs and causing unacceptable service interruptions for the property.


We removed the 1500 lb storage tank from its concrete pad by cutting all copper lines and connections, then maneuvering the tank on a set of jacks. Removal took approximately one day due to the complex nature of its installation. Utmost care was necessary to remove the equipment without damaging the property and other plumbing infrastructure.

We replaced the tank with four, 200-gallon storage tanks with discreet shut off valves. If there is ever a problem with one of the tanks, the property can continue to run without interruption while the isolated tank is repaired. These tanks are more energy efficient and require less maintenance than the original storage tank. When maintenance is necessary, this system is more easily accessible. Additionally, we created a 90 degree 3” copper outlet pipe solution that accommodates the building’s low ceiling height. All equipment is appropriate for commercial and industrial use, guaranteeing its useful life for high demand application for many years to come.


The client now has a modern, high efficiency hot water storage system resulting in lower energy usage. They are able to isolate tank issues to a single unit without losing water distribution to the whole building during maintenance or repair. Guests at the hotel and event center are guaranteed on demand hot water without interruption.

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Bartell Hotels – Commercial Plumbing

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