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REI HOA 230 Prospect – Commercial Plumbing

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Project Overview


Large carbon footprint due to older, less efficient hot water equipment. Maintenance and repairs on existing equipment required water shut offs to the whole building, causing inconvenience to residents. A need for a modern, robust and reliable hot water solution to meet the demands of a luxury apartment complex.


Our team at Bill Howe Plumbing proposed a cutting-edge solution and installed a tankless duo system that increased the client’s building efficiency from under 50% to 97% thermal efficiency while offering on demand hot water for all tenants, and guaranteeing hot water while the system is maintained or repaired.

Location: La Jolla, CA

Client Background and Project Scope

230 Prospect is a 19 unit, managed luxury apartment complex in the La Jolla Village area of San Diego, California. The client wanted to lower their carbon footprint and update their hot water equipment with a reliable and efficient solution.


We installed two state-of-the-art Rinnai Demand Duos that cater to the unique requirements of the client and fit in the existing space with minimal or no modifications. Because gas flow was a concern at this property, this particular hot water system solved that issue by employing both gas and electric power as needed. The units consist of two tanks and two tankless units, redundancy is built in. If one system goes down, the other is still capable of providing enough hot water for the whole building.


The implementation of a hybrid water heating solution has brought about transformative changes for the luxury apartment complex. The client now has a much lower carbon footprint, higher hot water capacity and higher efficiency in a modern, robust dual fuel system. Lower energy bills and zero downtime due to maintenance or repair are other positive results of this installation.

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REI HOA 230 Prospect – Commercial Plumbing

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