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Trevor came out to replace our dead water heater with a tankless yesterday, and he was so impressive to us. He started communicating with me on Saturday very promptly, answered my questions and gave me important information to help us make the decision to get the tankless we really wanted. Trevor took the time to fix some code and corrosion issues while he was here, and really impressed us with his determination to do every part of the job right. This was a big surprise purchase for us, and Trevor helped us feel totally comfortable with the quality of his work, and his recommendation of the heater brand. This experience would make us recommend Bill Howe to other homeowners, and specifically Trevor as a very skilled technician.

Bonnie Wagner

Brendon replaced our water heater this afternoon. We would like to commend Brendon for his extremely professional service. He arrived on time, was very pleasant, and he faced a rather challenging (cramped quarters, second story installation) job, which he managed to carry out efficiently and without complaint. He’s a valuable technician and a credit to your company.

Gary David

Miguel analyzed both of our problems quickly and resolved them. We were very pleased with his professionalism and friendly manner. Miguel did a great job.

Thank you, Sam Ward

Sibley (Sam) Ward

Christian was friendly, explained every step of the way, and fixed my sinks in minutes. Honest & hard worker, but more importantly, human and friendly.


Manuel was our primary Tech supported by Louis,
Our floor drain in the Ladies restroom and retained water for several years. In the last 8 years we have had at least 5 different companies try to fix our problem.

The Good Lord put Bill How on my mind after we had suffered a water Heater flood and water almost damaged the sanctuary. well i should have followed my own teaching by listening to devine intervention because Manuel and Louis fixed and repaired the drain and we are so happy 10 Stars to Bill Howe Plumbing.
Pastor Sidney A. Buggs III

Gospel Center Church of God in Christ, San Diego

I had two old toilets removed and two new ones installed. Chris Sullivan did an excellent job. I was very pleased with everything.

Gene Morones

Toilet clogged, not flushing …clogged with roots. Troy showed up early, very knowledgeable, polite and efficient. Completed the job in a timely fashion and the work appears to be perfect.
Thank you.


Chris was knowledge and professional. He wasted no time, knee exactly what the problem was and solved it. I highly recommend Bill Howe customer service overall, very great communication.


Steven was here this morning to descale our TriangleTube double boiler that provides DHW for our domestic needs and CHW for hydronic heating of our home.

We like this combined DHW/CHW concept since, coupled with our induction cooktop, electric oven and electric clothes dryer, there is absolutely no possibility of carbon monoxide invading our home from a cracked heat exchanger!

The complexity of the system, tho, requires technical support beyond the usual level. That’s why we always request Steven. On his first visit he quickly analyzed our system’s unique servicing requirements and modified his protocol to match.

Steven is the best of the best and we are grateful to BHP for having him onboard!

RB Smith

Michael did an outstanding job to repair the water leak to our water heater in our garage. Very clean work and the water was shut off for only a short time. Great job!

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