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My home was built in the mid 1950’s, and much of the plumbing hasn’t been worked on in decades. I had a long-time and severe clog in the bathtub drain, as well as a major leak on the outside hose bib. Christian was my technician, and he did a superb job on all issues that he worked on. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and efficient in dealing with all the challenges that came with this particular job. Also, after Christian finished up, he was very diligent about thoroughly cleaning up all the areas where he had been working.
I highly recommend Bill Howe plumbing…and if you’re lucky enough to get Christian as your technician, you’re definitely in good hands!

Dan W.

Dan Woren

Tris our plumber did a outstanding and exceptional job on our busted water pipe. Not only on a busy Saturday but a Easter weekend. He was very honest about what he was going to do and did it. There were no hidden fees or extra cost. He was precise and on point with pricing and predictions on work time.

I would recommend Tris for any future job to anyone anytime.


Ron did an excellent job in replacing my 2 toilet bowls. His work was professionally done. He is very friendly and helpful as well. I’m very satisfied with the quality of his work.


I had a clog at my home and had another plumber come to my house and tell me the only way to get to the main line was to cut a hole in my wall; which was false. I called Bill Howe and Chris Sullivan came by went on the roof to access the main line. When the clog persisted, he took the toilet off and cleared the clog. He did an excellent job and anyone who has him work on their plumbing is in excellent hands.


Trevor was my Bill Howe plumbing technician to repair a broken pipe in the walls of our home. His technical expertise and continuous professionalism far exceeded any previous service provided. His personal skills provided relief during a stressful event by providing updates and recommendations throughout the process. Through my years of service in the military, a true professional is easily recognized. Trevor by far stands among the best. Thank you Bill Howe for employing such an outstanding experienced professional.

Shaun Livingston

Miguel was awesome and did a fantastic job fixing the drip in my shower and the leaking faucet in the garage. Would definitely use Bill Howe again! Great customer service and thanks Miguel!

George M Parker

Very fast and very professional. We had them come out to fix a leaking water heater and pressure regulator for the building. He was incredibly personable and was done in a flash. I would highly recommend Bill Howe Plumbing for anything you need. Great experience.

Ryan Huebel

Timely, courteous, and knowledgeable. Miguel knew exactly what to go and worked expertly to complete the leaky faucet repair for the shower. I was satisfied with the manner in which he went straight to work for an hour to resolve the problem.

Ellen Brakespear

Lakeisha Ewing was my technician and he was excellent. I went through my warranty contact and they sent me to Express Plumbing. Service was not good. So, I wanted to go to someone who knew what they were doing. And right from the gate. He was on time. He knew what to do. He had to replace what the other plumber didn’t do and told me they did. I have been since Fri. 4/12 without being able to use my water and toilet.

I just want to say thank you Bill Howe for your professional care with my house and your technicians are the best.

judy Cook

Thank you to Christian for unclogging my shower drain! He was quick, thorough and friendly. I will certainly call Bill Howe again in the future!

Sara Harvey
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