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Lining Solutions

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If your sewer or drain lines are cracked, you may worry about the extensive cost of replacing the entire system. Fortunately, another option exists for pipe repair. Pipe lining allows the leak to be sealed without the cost or mess of digging and replacing buried pipes. Bill Howe offers affordable pipe leak repair for residential and commercial customers with multiple teams available for emergency service or to work on major projects, such as apartment buildings and commercial spaces.

The residential lining team has been part of the Bill Howe success story since 2000, and now Bill Howe now provides lining services for commercial projects, too. Offering a multitude of options in trenchless pipe replacement and trenchless sewer line repair, you can count on experienced technicians to help you determine which solution is best, and project management that gets the job done on time and within budget.

How Trenchless Water Pipe Repair Works

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, trenchless pipeline repair and trenchless sewer repair has never been easier. In the past, when needing to replace or repair broken pipes, large trenches would need to be dug up, creating inconvenience, danger, and an eye sore. Trenchless pipe repair eliminates the headache of all of this, costs less and is quicker. With trenchless pipe lining, the need for digging trenches is eliminated, all that is needed is an access point hole to allow for equipment. Trenchless sewer line repair also cuts restorative costs, creates little material waste, and significantly extends the life of your drain lines.

The process begins by determining what created the damage and where the pipe needs to be repaired. The first step is to clean the drain if it’s clogged, which is usually the case. After the clog has been cleared, the technician’s next task is determining where the problem started. From there, we can determine if pipe lining is needed. When diagnosing sewer line problems or examining existing drains, a Bill Howe lining tech will utilize a state-of-the-art camera to thoroughly inspect the problem and help determine which lining method should be used. The camera allows us to accurately detect what caused the issue - tree roots, broken, separated or off-set drain lines, low spots, other blockages or bowing in the pipes are all common pipe issues.

Once the drains are examined and everything to be lined is cleaned with mechanical tools, a Bill Howe certified technician will decide if structural epoxy or injection cast epoxy is best. If tree roots are an issue or there is damage to an existing line, structural epoxy lining is best. Structural epoxy lining holds its shape extremely well if applied to an already damaged pipe and increases the flow capacity to better than new standards.

There are numerous benefits to injection cast epoxy spray. It allows for vertical fittings and 90-degree turns coverage, is environmentally friendly, odorless and cost-efficient. Injection cast epoxy spray is best for multi-story buildings as well as preventative measures. Injection cast epoxy spray helps to protect pipes from root damage, corrosion and extends the life of your existing plumbing. This makes it a great option for your pipe lining needs.

Bill Howe’s #1 Epoxy Pipe Lining Solutions

With over 40 years in the business, Bill Howe has the experience and skills you need for fast, accurate repairs. The team uses the latest cameras and diagnostic equipment to determine where the cracks and gaps occur in the pipes and which treatment method is best. With more than a dozen trucks and highly trained technicians at Bill Howe, you can be assured that any problems you encounter with your sewer system will be resolved promptly.

Enjoy the benefits of trenchless sewer line repair:

- Little or no digging
- Cost Effective
- Fast Turnaround
- Environmentally friendly repair option

With our Commercial Pipe Lining Division, Bill Howe also handles large commercial projects. We provide full sewer and drain line replacement if that is the best option for your situation. However, we will only recommend replacement if the lining won’t work. In most cases, we can save you money, time and aggravation with our lining solutions. If you’re worried about the durability of pipe lining, traditional pipe replacement carries a two-year guarantee whereas structural lining is guaranteed for 15-years.

When it comes to San Diego trenchless pipe repair service, trust Bill Howe. Call 1-800-BILL-HOWE (1-800- 245-5469) to schedule an appointment!

Lining Solutions


$89 Water Heater Flush

Routine system flushes can prevent corrosion from building, extending the life of your system.  Must be a tank water heater.

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$79 AC Tune Up

Bill Howe AC Tune Up Checklist:

  • Check system input and output temperatures
  • Check refrigerant pressures and levels
  • Check the airflow
  • Check filters
  • Inspect the coils for leaks and cleanliness.
  • Check condensate lines and pumps.
  • Check electrical contacts, connections, and fuses
  • Check safety controls.
  • Check amperage draw on the motors.
  • Check the thermostat operation.
  • Plus, Standard Filter Replacement


$150 off AC System Installation

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