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Project Overview


Restore the building’s failing rain leaders without damaging the building or disrupting operations.


Rehabilitated 120 five-foot segments, and 120 ten-foot segments of galvanized drain pipe on two separate buildings without compromising the structure or its operational function.

Location: Sacramento, CA

Client Background and Project Scope

The State of California Department of General Services serves as business manager for the State of California. The campus is divided into two 17-story buildings. Each building includes galvanized drainage piping that runs along the exterior of the building roof and into the concrete structure. These rain leaders suffered from buildup and damage from corrosion over the years and were leaking water directly into the concrete structure.


First, we removed all buildup and corrosion, returning the pipes back to their original diameter. We then rehabilitated the pipes using a patented process by pulling a seamless structural liner into place through access points on the outside ledge of each floor. The work was performed around the schedule of the state workers to avoid disruption.


Corrosion and leaks are common symptoms of a failing pipe system whether in commercial, industrial or residential buildings. Replacing this system entirely would have cost the customer significantly more time and money, and caused extensive damage to the office buildings. By installing a seamless structural liner, the pipe function was restored and their useful life was greatly extended, guaranteeing their service for years to come.

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California State Office Building
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