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AC Tune Up San Diego

Professional AC Tune Up San Diego County

Over 3500 5 Star Reviews


Affordable AC Tune Up services from Bill Howe Heating and Air

Staying cool during the warm summer months is important for your family’s comfort. Before San Diego temperatures rise, Bill Howe Heating and Air recommend performing preventative maintenance on your HVAC system. Regular maintenance on your air conditioning and heating systems yields many benefits that lead to overall savings for homeowners. Has it been almost one year since your last air conditioning tune up? Then now is the time to book your reliable AC Tune Up with the Heating and Air experts at Bill Howe.


Beat the heat and call today to schedule you annual Spring AC Tune Up.

AC Tune Up Checklist

Bill Howe Heating and Air offers comprehensive HVAC Tune Ups to keep your systems running in optimal conditions.

Bill Howe AC Tune Up Checklist:

  • Check system input and output temperatures
  • Check refrigerant pressures and levels
  • Check the airflow
  • Check filters
  • Inspect the coils for leaks and cleanliness.
  • Check condensate lines and pumps.
  • Check electrical contacts, connections, and fuses
  • Check safety controls.
  • Check amperage draw on the motors.
  • Check the thermostat operation.
  • Plus, Standard Filter Replacement
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    Benefits of an AC Tune Up

    Improve Energy Efficiency

    A well-maintained air conditioning system can help save you money during the warm summer months by keeping your utility bills down. When regular service is skipped, your system must work harder to provide the indoor temperatures you desire, increasing energy usage and utility bills. With proper and routine maintenance, your AC system will use 20-30% less energy, working to optimally cool your home in the most energy efficient way.

    Prevents HVAC System Breakdowns

    Having a certified Bill Howe technician perform regular preventative maintenance will result in fewer system breakdowns. Bill Howe technicians are highly trained and experienced in performing services on all HVAC brands from Daikin, York, Mitsubishi and more. Having extensive knowledge about AC systems allows for complete examination and identification of coils, pumps, or electrical issues that may have become a bigger problem. During a Bill Howe AC Tune Up, we work to take care of these issues, reducing the potential for major repairs or replacements.

    Extend the life of your system

    Your Air Conditioning system requires regular maintenance to perform its proper functions. By skipping your annual AC Tune Up, the lifespan of your HVAC equipment is greatly reduced. Your annual AC Tune Up will ensure your system maintains its optimal performance and reveal any potential strains or issues before breakdown.

    Improves Indoor Air Quality

    Your HVAC system works hard all year long. As your system works to circulate and dispense warm or cool air, it is also collecting the dirt, dust, and debris in your home. During your AC Tune Up service, our technicians work to remove these contaminants, ensuring your components are clean and free of debris, and your airflow clear of any blockages.
    The Bill Howe Heating and Air AC Tune Up also includes a FREE Standard Filter Replacement, helping to filter out any new debris entering the HVAC system before it reaches you and your loved ones.
    Looking for more ways to improve your indoor air quality? Learn more about Bill Howe’s Complete Indoor Air Quality Services here.

    Keeps your Warranty Valid

    Most air conditioning manufacturer warranties require annual preventative maintenance for your warranty to stay valid. If HVAC tune ups or other required maintenance is skipped, you could void your system’s warranty. Leaving you with unnecessary repair bills should your AC system experience any issues.

    How often do you need an AC tune up?

    Bill Howe Heating and Air recommends Ac Tune Up San Deigo services annually, preferably in the spring. This will prepare your system for the warm summer months and help you beat the rush of HVAC services needed in San Diego during the summer. When you’re ready to book your HVAC maintenance, just search, “AC Tune Up near me”, or visit or call 1-800-BILL-HOWE.

    Why choose Bill Howe Heating and Air?

    Bill Howe Heating and Air is San Diego AC Tune Up specialists! Providing over 40 years of affordable AC Tune Up services to San Diego homeowners.
    Our HVAC technicians are certified professionals, offering knowledgeable expert HVAC services to San Diego residents.

    Don’t wait! Book your AC Tune Up with the experts at Bill Howe Heating and Air today!