Got Roots? In Your Plumbing, That Is!

Tree Roots And Your Plumbing


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Having trees and shrubs on your property and adding unique landscaping variations is a great thing and the perfect way to make your backyard an enjoyable oasis. However,  doing so can also cause a lot of potential issues with your drainage plumbing. Roots are one of the most common issues that our San Diego plumbers are called onto properties to help with.

The reason for this is that roots growing from these types of plants and trees are excellent at seeking out moisture, And a source of moisture comes from the underground drainage pipes on your property. When this happens, these roots can often wrap around your drainage pipes and eventually make their way into them causing clogs. This is why any San Diego plumbing company will advise you to take precaution when planting trees and shrubbery near drainage pipes are.

If you begin noticing issues with your drain pipes, that might indicate that they are clogged. In turn, you will want to have the problem addressed immediately by a professional San Diego plumbing company. One way to check for roots in the drain is by running a sewer camera, and a couple of signs that this could be an issue are that your drains are emptying slowly or not at all, and also that they are making odd noises, such as gurgling. A high quality plumber will be able to address these issues safely and in a timely manner.

So, if you are evaluating San Diego plumbers to check your drains and clear them, then you do not need to look any further than us. At Bill Howe, we are a San Diego plumbing company that has proudly been in business for over 30 years. We focus on providing the best possible service at rates that you can afford. After all, customer satisfaction is number one priority!

For more information or to schedule an appointment with the experts at Bill Howe, please contact us at 1-800-Bill-Howe (1-800-245-5469). We promise you will be glad you did!

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