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As a premiere San Diego plumbing company for 35 years, we have seen quite a few leaking water heaters, and many times it does not leak at a convenient time. Whether it is in the middle of the night, or during a weekend get together, the last thing you want to have to do is to call random plumbers in San Diego for emergency help, usually at emergency rates!

If you follow a few simple steps, you can save yourself major damage and contact your plumber at your convenience.

  • First, turn off the gas. Your gas valve should be clearly marked and you can simply turn it from the on position to the off position.
  • Water Shut off Turn off the water supply, located at the top of the water heater. It is a lever and should be turned clockwise until it stops. NOTE: The water inside the water heater tank will continue to leak out. There will be no more water coming in, but water damage is still possible if the tank is not drained. Gas shut off
  • At this point, you can drain the water (in case the bottom is compromised) to avoid flooding out and causing damage to your home. Attach a garden hose to the drain faucet on the water heater and drain the water to a safe place.
  • Once the gas and water are off, and the water heater is drained, you can rest easy that the you will not have to deal with untold amounts of damage and concentrate on repairing or replacing the water heater.

Do your research. Now that you might need a new water heater, do you want to continue with the same tank style or have you thought about tankless water heaters and an endless supply of energy efficient water heating? You can also check your local permitting requirements and get estimates from licensed plumbers in San Diego.

When you are ready for an estimate from a premiere San Diego plumbing company, look no further than Bill Howe. For 35 years, we have provided the best in water heater installation by the best plumbers in San Diego. Call 1-800 Bill Howe (245-5469) for your free estimate today!

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