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Water Damage Restoration

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Not all water damage is created equal. If you experience a flood, minor or major, it is important to know in which category the damage falls and what your options are when calling a San Diego flood repair specialist. At Bill Howe Restoration & Flood, all lead technicians are trained and Clean Trust certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and are the experts in diagnosing and determining water damage and solutions for repair.

Bill Howe Water Damage Restoration Services

Understanding Water Damage
Water damage occurs where excess water accumulates in areas it shouldn’t. Knowing what the usual causes of water damage are, you can take the necessary precautions to protect your property. By staying diligent and keeping an eye on the causes of water damage, you can spot the problem when it happens and mitigate the chances of significant water damage or mold growth. When you do notice a problem, make sure to call the experts at Bill Howe Restoration & Flood to help fix the problem.

Some causes of water damage are bursting or leaking pipes, water heater leaks, water buildup in crawl spaces, attics or basements, broken appliances, issues with your HVAC system, and natural disasters. If water or moisture builds up due to any of these causes, mold, fungus and bacteria can grow, damage to your property can occur and major problems can develop. If you notice water intrusion or damage, addressing it quickly is key.

Water Damage Assessment
Water damage comes in three distinct categories. Our San Diego water damage restoration service team is able to categorize your water loss based on the length of time the water has affected the structure, the temperature of the affected materials, and assessing pre-existing conditions. With this knowledge, your water damage can easily be remediated, and your home or commercial building restored to its original state using extraction and evaporation.

There are 3 categories of water involved in water loss: clean, gray, and black.

Category 1 Water Damage
Often referred to as “clean” water because the source does not pose substantial harm to humans. Some clean water sources may include broken water supply lines, bathtub or sink overflows with no contaminants, appliance malfunctions involving water supply lines, melting ice, or falling rainwater, that has not flowed over soil or through structural components. Even broken toilet tanks and bowls do not contain contaminants or additives. But, once a clean water source contacts other surfaces or materials, the condition may change as it dissolves or mixes with soils and possible contaminations over time.

In San Diego, plumbers at Bill Howe often encounter minor category 1 water damage when responding to burst supply lines underneath sinks.

Category 2 Water Damage
Also known as “grey“ water contains some degree of contamination and is considered unsanitary. Category 2 water could potentially cause discomfort or sickness if consumed and carries microorganisms. Gray water examples can include discharge from dishwashers or washing machines, overflows from washing machines, and overflows of toilet bowls with liquid waste. All of these may contain chemicals or bio-contaminants (fungal, bacterial, viral, or algae) or other forms of contamination. Time and temperature can aggravate Category 2 water contamination significantly.

Structures that remain untreated longer than 48 hours can change from category 2 to category 3.

Category 3 Water Damage
Known as “black” water, category 3 is severe water loss and is harmful to individuals. Blackwater can originate from the main sewer overflows, storm waters, and/or standing waters and ground surface waters.

Category 3 contaminated water contains unsanitary bacteria, fungi, pathogens, and can cause serious illness requiring specialized containment and mitigation.

Emergency Water Mitigation Technicians
Bill Howe has emergency plumbers available 24/7 in the San Diego area. When searching for “water damage restoration near me”, customers can expect a certified Bill Howe technician is nearby and ready to help with plumbing services or emergency repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect during water damage restoration?
Water and flood damage are never convenient, but with preparation and the right residential services and restoration experts, it can be a smooth process. No matter what the cause of the damage is in the home, it is important to move quickly Read More

What are the categories of water damage?
There are three different types of water damage and each type requires a specific type of clean up Read More

What are the dangers of black water?
Category three flooding is the most critical type and consists of black water contamination. Black water refers to Read More

Who do I contact with emergency water damage services?
Bill Howe is your trusted emergency plumber in San Diego. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services every day Read More



Bill Howe was really great. Very friendly, explained everything that was wrong with the drain and what needed to be replaced. He got me set up with the restoration team to come out and repair the water damage. So far, very happy with my experience.
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We had a big water leak in our kitchen. I called Bill Howe and it was the best thing I could have done. They handled everything from the plumbing to abatement to restoration. Flooring and cabinets had to be removed and replaced. They cleared up the water damage and also handled the insurance situation. Everyone from their company that came into our home was very professional, polite, and knowledgeable. They were also very good-hearted and supportive. If I could give more stars I would.
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Edward Y
Had a hot water piping leak in the wall of the kitchen. Caused water damage where drywall and cabinets had to be removed, area dried out, and then repair work accomplished. Our lead technician for this part of the job was outstanding. He called 30 minutes prior to arrival so we could make sure our two golden retrievers were gated in another area of the house. Fantastic work accomplished by our tech and his team. Bill Howe restoration will always be my choice. Well done.

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Water Damage Restoration


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