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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist
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Blog 06/21/19

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

With summer slowly creeping up, now is the perfect time of year to get your home prepped and ready to go for the hotter months. Our checklist below offers tips to help you with your summer home maintenance!


  • Clean or replace your showerheads

If your showerhead has developed any calcium deposits, it may be time to replace it. If a low flow shower head is purchased, you will save money and save water.

  • Check for leaky pipes

Now is a great time to do a thorough check of your pipes. Feel along the walls of your home for moisture, check your water pressure, and monitor your water bill. If you notice any changes to any of these things, make sure to call 1-800-BILL-HOWE to have an experienced San Diego plumber assist with locating and fixing any leaks.

  • Clean your drains

A certified Bill Howe technician can help clear and clean your drains with ease. Regular maintenance of your drains can help prevent costly repairs in the future.

HVAC Units

  • Have your air conditioning unit checked and serviced

Having your air conditioner regularly serviced not only ensures that it will cool down your house when necessary, but also extends the lifetime of the unit. An air duct cleaning is also necessary every 5 to 7 years to keep your home air quality clean.

  • Change the direction of your ceiling fan

Since heat rises, by changing the direction of your ceiling fan (so the blades spin counterclockwise), you are helping to circulate the cold air located towards the floor to other parts of the room. Now is also a good time to wipe down the fan blades of any dust that may have accumulated.

  • Change the filter in your air conditioner

It’s a good idea to change your air conditioner filter every 3 months to ensure your system runs efficiently.  

  • Check that indoor and outdoor air vents are not blocked

By making sure the areas around the indoor and outdoor vents are clear of obstruction, you are helping to keep everything in working order.

Interior General Maintenance

  • Check your attic or basement

If you have an attic or basement, summer is a perfect time to check for leaks, mold or mildew in these spaces. If you notice any of these, call a certified Bill Howe technician to help with mold abatement or to fix a plumbing issue.

  • Wash your home’s windows

With sunshine comes the obvious signs of how dirty your windows got over the rainy, winter season. Clean both the interior and exterior of your windows as well as the screens for maximum effect.

  • Test smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers

While we hope that none of these things are ever needed, your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers need to be checked regularly. Checking these items helps to ensure that they are working properly should the need ever arise.

  • Have your chimney cleared

You may not use your fireplace until the winter, but now is a great time to have your chimney cleared. Some companies may offer summertime specials and are typically not busy during this time of year.

  • Clean your dryer vent and exhaust duct

Cleaning out the lint in your vent and exhaust to keep your dryer working effectively and to  prevent a fire from starting. If dryers are not cleaned properly, they can become a fire hazard. if not properly cleaned.

Exterior General Maintenance

  • Inspect any outdoor play equipment

Odds are it may have been a few months since the last time any play structure was used. With warm weather on the way, checking to make sure the structure is secure is a good idea.  Reseal, repaint, or reinforce the structure as necessary.

  • Clean the gutters

By cleaning your gutters, you are helping to prevent future damage that may occur after the rain. Eliminating blockage in the gutter helps to prevent damage to your roof.

  • Prep your deck

If you have a deck, make sure that your deck is in tip-top shape. Check for loose boards, splintered boards or anything else that may be problematic down the line. Reseal or replace any portion of your deck that needs it.

  • Check the caulking around windows and doors

If you notice cracks in the caulking around your windows and doors, make sure to address this.  With the caulking around these secure, bugs are kept away.

  • Inspect your fencing

Repaint, reseal and repair any portions of your fence if necessary.  

  • Keep the unwanted pests around your home at bay

To keep the bugs, ants, snakes and squirrels away from your home and yard, there are a few simple things that can be done to make this happen. Mow your lawn to keep your grass short so animals can’t hide. Cover any holes so animals can’t burrow. Close your trash cans so pests can’t get in. Throw away yard debris so animals and bugs can’t build a home.

With these tips, you will be able to complete your home maintenance tasks for summer in no time! Be sure to call 1-800-BILLE-HOWE if you need an experienced plumber to assist you.


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Very Satisfied. Michael is always on time, Michael has been doing all of the plumbing related to our remodel. He always does exactly what he commits to do within the estimated cost. He keeps me informed if any wrinkles pop up, and his plumbing skills are excellent as we have had no problems or issues arise after he has left. Very professional! Highly recommend.

August 2019


What Rick M says about us

We had other companies come out for estimates on what was considered a major job with jackhammers and replacing cast iron pipes under the house… having been stung before, we wanted another estimate just to make sure we were making an informed decision. The prior estimates went up to $21,000!
Bill Howe sent us an amazing veteran plumber, Dashawn and his co- worker Anthony. Dashawn did a thorough check of the problem, explained what he thought was needed … he did a final check and we were able to see for ourselves what was the problem. He recommended a complete cleaning to de-scale the pipes, and not the major work we dreaded. Thanks to his solid analysis and patience in making sure we saw what he saw, the issue was resolved completely, and saved us thousands of unnecessary work. None of the other estimates included the cleaning; only the major repairs. Thanks to Dashawn’s knowledge, professionalism and honesty, we’re Bill Howe customers.

August 2019


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This was our second excellent experience with Bill Howe. We had a blocked kitchen sink drain 8/5. I was able to get a same day appointment which is AMAZING. Person on phone was very courteous and set me up right away. Tony arrived at the house (called me 30 minutes out so I was able to be ready). He diagnosed the issue (blocked drain, not the garbage compactor) and was able to snake it and ran the water for 10 minutes to be sure the drains were clear. He cleaned up everything and you would not have known he was even there. Thank-you Tony and Bill Howe, you always know how.

August 2019


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Cory was our technician on this job. We had a time sensitive repair issue and Bill Howe understood and assisted with getting the job done quickly.
Cory was on time to start the job and finished it quickly. Upon his leaving our home he’s was courteous, very knowledgeable, explaining what the problem was and how he fixed it. Very good communication and this is the way it’s has always been when we use Bill Howe plumbing.
Great company to work with.
Thanks Cory.

August 2019

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I had a shower that would not drain. The employee arrived on time and fixed the problem quickly and effectively at a very fair price. I was very happy with everything. Thank you and I highly recommend your plumbing service.

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I am extremely happy with the service we received from Bill Howe Plumbing. We were given an incorrect diagnosis of our main sewer line from another vendor, but Bill Howe’s servicemen came out for a second opinion, correctly diagnosed our problem and resolved our back up issues. We will continue to use Bill Howe for all our future plumbing needs!

Thank you Bill Howe Plumbing.

July 2019