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I had the smallest of pinhole leaks on one of my fresh water pipes in a downstairs wall. As I’ve used Bill Howe in the past, I called them again. They had Gustavo come over to my house and had him do the repair work in approx. 30 mins. I want to thank Bill Howe and a special thanks to Gustavo for doing the job and being very courteous and professional through the whole time. Thank you to a very good Company,with good Customer relations. I will definately use your service the next time needed. Thanks!
Merrill J Grondin
Eastlake Woods

Merrill J Grondin

Danny Moreno did an excellent service and was a pleasure working with him. He was communicative, he helped me understand what is going on and was very timely. He was very professional who took the time to ensure I understood what is going on and the process of it all. I highly recommend him and his team. Thank you Danny!

BJ Filamor

Bill Howe Plumbing did an excellent job of explaining what was going to happen with my bathroom leak. The demo is done, everything is dry, and now I’m awaiting the reconstruction.
Danny Moreno was very professional and helpful throughout the entire process. Thank you again!

Erin ORourke-Brady

the tech came on Saturday, within a couple of hours. fixed everything right there, took pictures, explained the repairs. and the bid was nearly half of the price from a different vendor.

julie Jacobson

Danny Moreno did a superb job taking care of our water damaged slab. He explain in detail what needed to be done to remediate the affected area. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Danny kept in touch with us throughout the whole process, always texting with a time of arrival, always very polite ad knowledgeable. He is an excellent representative for your company. It was a real pleasure working with him.

Nuria Mora

We had a plumbing concern in the kitchen. When Thomas arrived he listened to my problem and started to work and resolve our issue. During the procedure he discovered a bigger problem and worked Diligently to resolve the issue. The result was an extremely quality and efficient resolution to a better drain and plumbing configuration. A lot more efficient. He is an excellent plumber and a good representative for your company. Thank You.

Ron Johnson

Danny and Fidel Moreno and their associates did an amazing job with our water-damaged kitchen cabinetry. Danny was on the job immediately to remediate the affected sites. He was knowledgeable, professional, and very polite. A great guy to look to in an emergency. Fidel Moreno and his associates did the demo work, and they were just as knowledgeable, professional and polite. They left everything immaculate. Danny and Fidel kept in touch with us, letting us know what to expect, and were super dependable, which was greatly appreciated. A great team.

Patti Furtak

Danny Moreno did a great, professional job by removing affected areas and isolating the workspace. It was a pleasure working with him.

Kent D Messick

Danny Moreno from Bill Howe Restoration & Flood was wonderful to work with. He would text me to let me know when he was coming and was always on time and very friendly. Everyone at Bill Howe was courteous and helpful. They are great at following through with your questions.

Donna Steinback

I am writing to compliment the work of Roberto Martinez and Danny Moreno. Roberto came to our home on Easter Sunday after we realized late the previous evening that we had a pipe leaking under our house. He quickly assessed the situation and moved into action in order to repair the pipe. He made it clear that he would do all that he could to replace the damaged section of the pipe and ensured us once the repair was done that the leak was properly fixed. He was courteous, professional, and timely throughout the time he was at our property.

Danny Moreno was the lead on the abatement team that came a few days later to remove moisture from the crawl space under our home. He, too, was professional, courteous, and thorough throughout the course of the job which took several days. He did a great job of communicating with me to let me know when he would be on-site and patiently explained the whole process of drying out the earth and laying down crystals to absorb the remaining moisture. It was a pleasure to work with both Roberto and Danny and I would highly recommend them and the Bill Howe team to friends and family.

Jennifer Alvord
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