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We had Bill Howe’s team come to our home after a leaking pipe in our wall caused significant damage to our family room and part of the outside of our house. They fixed the leak and provided restoration services. The whole team who worked on our house was extremely professional. Gerardo did a great job with the painting and trim work. Communication between BillHowe and our insurance company went smoothly and helped facilitate the work being done in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend their services!

Christopher Happ

All I can say, is I’m very impressed.
During the Labor Day holiday weekend, we had a kitchen flood that not only damaged the kitchen, but also leaked through two walls, and was even pouring to the out side of the home. This is our rental home, so by the time our tenants calls us when they discovered the leak and we responded to see what how big the leak was and if we could stop it, and slow down the damage.

We called a couple of plumbing service first because we had a home warrantee company, but it was clear when the first plumber arrived that he was not going to be able to handle this call. Bill Howe was recommended to us, and we were told, these guys are expensive, but they are good!
This was truly an underestimation, I was skeptical, but when we saw our investment home getting soggy, we made the call. I’ve already written a review about the Plumber that we got with Bill Howe, He was excellent! See my prior review about Mike from Bill Howe, but once the water is stopped, and the piped are closed off, what do you do about all the soggy carpet, floors, walls, and cabinets… Well in he humidity of Summer in San Diego, just opening the windows and letting the sun dry it up is not a practical option, its not going to work. Once the plumber was done, a remediation team came, and essentially there job is to find all the areas that are wet, and cut out what can not be dried out, like drywall, that particle board inside kitchen cabinets…that’s right, they may look fancy on the outside, but chances are that the box portions are just pressed wood that will absorb water like a spong, and then forever be deformed.

Francisco, and Juan was our remediation and demo team, and these guys were extremely professional, guiding us through the trenches that were once our walls.

There was a lot of work to be done over several days, both the guys were always on time, kept the area isolated and safe for our tenants, and kept us informed of all the work they needed to perform. As I said in the beginning of this review, I was impressed, they knew all the detail of what is the kitchen walls, what tools they needed, and had all the equipment setup to dry up our kitchen, and they even had special device that allowed them to force dry hot air into our wood flooring, so they dry the flooring with out having to pull any portions of it up. I don’t know how much that saved us, because we expected the floors to be saturated, and need to be replaced. Both Francisco worked diligently to get our kitchen dried up and ready for repairs, always keeping out tenant’s safety a top concern, while helping me move appliances so they could still have use of things like the refrigerator, microwave oven and smaller appliances. I know it was tough for our tenants living there, but we made it as usable as possible, while keeping the area safe for kids and a dog. This was pretty large job, and we are very happy that the these guys were our remediation team, and I hope Bill Howe gets these guys a raise, profit sharing or whatever they need, because this is my go to company for anything water related!

Thanks to Francisco and Juan, you guys really do great work, and I appreciate it!!

Steven Stirt

Had two drains in the house backing up. Technician Josh came to our house the same day & cleared both. He was fast, & gave us tips on how to keep our drains clean. Great service by Josh. We are very happy with his work.

Daniel Adams

We had a leak into the ceiling in our garage storage room and called Bill Howe for help. Their teams of workers were very efficient, professional, and courteous. Francisco Covarrubias located the leak from our neighbor’s icemaker, set up a team including John to monitor the dehumifying process, take out the damaged drywall and wet insulation. Once that was completed Moises Cibrian came to determine what restoration was necessary and arranged for that to be done in one day. All of these employees involved were a pleasure to work with and did an excellent job on our repairs. Finally, Jon Kirby LeBourge was a great help in dealing with the insurance company and in helping us understand the process as this was our first such homeowners insurance claim.

We will certainly use the Bill Howe company again if the need arises.

Thank you for a great job!


Anne D. Roberts

Everyone that was sent out was super professional and seemed to care about doing a good job. From when the first plumber (Saul) came out and figured out where our leak was to Francisco who started the whole restoration process to Michael and Rogelio who did the flooring and Jaime who oversaw everything. They all did a great job. There was a few more guys involved but I can remember their names. I will never trust anyone but Bill Howe for all of my plumbing or basically anything else that can go wrong in my house, because it seems like they do it all and they do a great job.

Andrew Dennis

We had a leak in the wall of a small bathroom downstairs that is adjacent to our garage. Bill Howe’s very competent technicians diagnosed the problem and proceeded to “repair” it which involved tearing down some of the walls, working with a hazmat team to remove the asbestos drywall, repairing the leak and dry walling, adding insulation, and repainting all areas.
What impressed me most about this company is the quality of technicians. All were excellent and so very personable. We were always given calls or texts about 20 minutes before their arrivals. They worked with our insurance company beautifully.
We have used Bill Howe in the past, refer them to all of our friends, and will use them in the future…just hopefully not too soon!

Debra Pace

We had our boys’ bathroom remodeled. Everything turned out as we wanted. If there was a concern about something, Jaime, the project manager made sure the concerns were taken care of! Our boys’ bathroom turned out beautiful!

Emma B

I recently completed a project with Bill Howe Plumbing. It involved restoration and reconstruction of my bathroom. It started with a bad odor and turned out that the flange in the toilet had been leaking for quite awhile without me knowing. It caused a lot of the floor underneath the tile and parts of the walls to be contaminated and damaged.

I called Howe after my regular plumber told me he wouldn’t be able to look at it for days. Howe sent their EMS Lead Technician, Carlos Paredes out within hours. Carlos told me what he proposed would need to happen in order to get it dried out, sanitized and ready for the next step which would be reconstruction. I liked Carlos and what he proposed. I was happy to know that, if I decided to go further, that Howe would continue the project through restoration. Since I recently had a contractor run off with $1600, I didn’t want to deal with trying to find random people to help me with so many different pieces of the project. I liked that everything could be completed as a package. I am so happy that I made that decision. Carlos immediately brought machinery and people to do the job. He even did much of it himself!!

Howe then sent out their reconstruction estimator, Luis Paredes, who just happens to be Carlos’ brother. I liked the fact that they are brothers and I liked Luis. He and I seemed to have similar taste in how we would redo my bathroom. He heard what I said and sent me an estimate that contained all the elements that I wanted. I decided to do it all as long as I could have Luis as my project manager even though that isn’t part of what he does. My request was granted by his supervisor and we got to work. Luis coordinated the project and advised me along the way with decisions that I just couldn’t seem to make myself.

I really enjoyed working with these brothers and I just can’t say which one I liked better!!

I LOVE my new little bathroom!! There were so many people who made it happen.

DJ Williams is one of the plumbers who had worked for me once before on my old floor furnace. I have had lots of people work on it but it was never done right until DJ came along. He even came back a year later when I had a question about it. It was a minor thing. He showed me how to deal with it and didn’t charge me for his time. He also did a great job with my new bathroom plumbing. I like that he is always happy and smiling.

Jose and Vi Duran were the tile installers. They worked for days and did a beautiful job on all the tile in the shower and on the floor.

Gerardo Cervantes removed the old wallpaper. Alfred Adams is an excellent painter did a great job. The final plumbing was done by Christian (who needed to modify the sink hookup) and Mauricio. Also the original plumber was Brandon Gomez.

Unfortunately I don’t have the names of everyone involved, but they were all friendly and professional. They would ask me if there was anything else that they could do for me while they were here and they did whatever I asked!!! Great company. I will definitely use them again.

Kathy Jessup

My house unexpectedly flooded when we weren’t home, and we were unable to determine the cause or source of the leak. So, we called Bill Howe and they sent a crew out within 2 hours. Andrew K. the plumber was able to detect and resolve the leak in no time and it was quite the miracle to us! The damage was extensive and our main priority was locating it as soon as possible. I cannot thank Andrew enough for his professionalism and extreme competency. There need to be more guys in the business like this! We have been extremely pleased with our service from Bill Howe.

Kylee B

Better service than I could have dreamed of! We had our student housing basement flood and not only did the emergency team make it to the site within 1 hour to stop the flooding, they brought in the damage repair team immediately to clean up the water. The entire team managed to get major construction done and hot water running within 24 hours. The team continued to work to restore the basement back from its damage on an clockwork schedule. Thank you to everyone who helped on this massive project. We appreciate all your effort and will definitely continue to use your services.

Chelsea Ballinger
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