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OMG! Gabriel is the best! What a great professional he is. Thank you for your excellent service. Bill Howe Plumbing is truly The Best in San Diego !

Andrea Wagman-Christian

Water heater install by Gabriel and his assistant Ryan was a wonderful experience. They were timely, professional and friendly, making what could have been a real pain into a easy replacement. I highly recommend Howe. This is the second time I have used their services and they are always first rate. Thanks!

Scott Bonesteel

Super service. Techs came and figured out plan for complicated replacement of cast iron cracked drain pipes in walls of historic home. Stayed late to finish job in one day. Just A+ people and work!


Last week I had Howe Plumbing out to install a new disposal. I had just finished having a new dishwasher installed when it was discovered the old pump was not in good condition. However, the real discovery was made by the technician after his work was completed. He discovered a gas leak that I never would have as have no reason to park by that part of house. I can not tell you how grateful I am for his discovery and help in this manner.
I have been in California for 10 years and always call Howe Plumbing. Two years ago, they did a wonderful job on restoration after a major leak.


I called Howe yesterday and Dan came today to repair a water line for my new water/ice -in-the-door frig. Dan was professional, competent, pleasant, and had the work done in an hour and a half with nothing amiss for me to straighten up. I was very pleased with the experience. Painless!


Ron came over to install 2 new flow values in our toilets. As usual, Ron was professional, knowledgeable and completed the task in an outstanding work-man-like manner. In addition, he replaced a leaky pop-up assembly that was out-of- round. He is problem-solver and a really nice person.


Martin came out over 2 days to replace a leaking kitchen faucet and counter water dispenser. Our existing faucet opening was not large enough to accommodate the newer faucet diameter and we needed to find a stone professional before he could complete the job. He also serviced our tankless water heater put in by Bill Howe a year ago. Over the 2 days of servicing our needs, Martin remained personal, professional, and responsive to our questions. He kept scrupulous note of his time spent to make sure we weren’t overcharged, and was communicative and solicitous of options on the faucets installation since I was concerned about the aesthetics and functionality of the new items. We’ve recently changed our plumbing calls to Bill Howe and have come to find them professional, reliable and reasonable for their work products.

Lin K

Chris S. Provided outstanding service and know how and saved a problem that was more complex than expected! I could not be more satisfied. He went over and above my highest expectations and finished this complex job by going out of his way to do his best. A true professional!

Frank Z.

When Gabriel arrived, the toilet didn’t always flush successfully, the stopper in bathroom sink had to be raised or lowered manually, and the shower head was running a steady drizzle which could not be stopped. Less than an hour later, everything worked like a charm! Gabriel’s delightful – pleasant and friendly, while getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

John and Kate T.

Called Bill Howe when the drains wouldn’t go down, the toilets wouldn’t flush and water was flowing from the bottom of the toilet. They came out and assessed the situation and we feared it may be a broken main pipe. We were fearing the worst. They did everything possible and found a major clog. It was cleared, toilet ring was replaced and everything was back to normal.

They were fast, fair and professional. DaShawn Elliot was a true professional….Highly recommended!

Eddie P
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