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Strange Plumbing Noises In The Night


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Are your pipes making noise? What do they mean and when should you call on the professional services of a San Diego plumber? At Bill Howe Plumbing, we have seen and “heard” just about everything. We’re sure that most people at one time or another have also experienced strange noises in the night.

When your pipes make noise, it can be anything from air to the temperature inside the pipe rapidly changing. When it comes to noises, sometimes it can be a long shot. It could be something simple or a little more complicated. And, sometimes the noises you hear from the pipes could come from hidden pipes behind walls or even underground. If you are not sure of where the problem is or how to fix it, that is when you may want to call on your local San Diego plumbing company.

How do you know whether you can fix the issue? For instance if you were to hear a rattling noise, it may indicate that your pipe is not adequately secured and can be remedied with extra strapping along your exposed piping. There are a few other noises that you may hear like whistling, when you have sediment built up in your water pipe causing the water to flow through differently and causing a whistling sound. Whistling can also be a sign that your pipes are too small and a possible solution might be to install a pressure-reducing valve. They can also save you money!

Just like settling house, pipes can also creak and squeak; these sounds usually happen in hot water pipes as they expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. When the pipes expand, they move the straps that are holding the in place and when they cool, they contract. The friction of the pipes moving is what causes the squeaking sounds. This sound could be prevented or even stopped by cushioning the pipes so they can move with ease without noise.

Not all San Diego plumbing companies are created equal. At Bill Howe Plumbing, we have serviced thousands of local homes during our 33-year history and have seen and “heard” it all! One of the most common sounds you may hear is a banging and hammering. This sound is usually water hammer and occurs a lot when a sink or faucet is turned off too quickly. These noises do sometimes just happen and your plumbing is perfectly fine, but if you feel like it is going to cause damage or it is bothering you too much, then it might be a good time to call a San Diego plumber.

At Bill Howe, we will send you an experienced San Diego plumber that will thoroughly assess you specific plumbing issues and provide an estimate for the best solution. Don’t lose sleep over strange plumbing noises in the night, call today 1-800 Bill Howe (1-800-245-5469).

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