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Reduce your water bill with these water saving tips!


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San Diego residents often ask us what they can do to conserve water. Although we need water for many daily functions, we know that conservation and cost-reduction is at the forefront of many San Diego residents’ thoughts when they receive their water bill each month. Using water every day for bathing, cooking, and cleaning is obviously necessary, but there are many ways in which we can conserve without losing the luxury and necessity of our water use. Just a few small changes and taking the time to take a look at some of your plumbing fixtures can provide beneficial water savings.

We are much more likely to notice leaks indoors than outdoors. It is always a good idea to do a spot check around the exterior of your home. Check your hose connections, near the A/C unit, and around the sprinklers. If you notice water spots, or signs of leaks, call a plumber in San Diego for an estimate. Your water meter and water bill are valuable tools to help in determining possible water leaks. If there is a large spike in usage cost or the meter spins when no water is in use, it could mean a leak. Check your water bill against your usage. Are there significant changes? Most plumbers in San Diego can confirm your suspicions of a leak at no charge and provide you with estimates for repair.

There are also many low-flow, high efficiency products available for installation in your home. If you would like information on the savings involved in the installation of any fixture, schedule with your trusted plumber in San Diego today. They can guide you on all of the benefits of the products, such as high-efficiency showerheads and educate you on how they can save you money and water waste.

Experienced plumbers in San Diego are only a phone call away to chat with customers about the different water saving plumbing fixtures and various “green” ways of reducing and reusing water. There are many ways to reduce water waste while keeping your lawn and plants healthy and green. Here are some great ways to double-team your garden growth and water-savings:

  • Before running your disposal, think about other uses for that food waste. Why not start a compost system for your garden. By throwing food waste such as fruit and vegetable peelings into a compost pile, you can eliminate this source of water waste.
  • Save the run-off water while you rinse of fruits and vegetables and use it to water your indoor plants.
  • Does your lawn need watered? Consider washing your car on your lawn and utilize that water for two purposes at once.
  • If your kids want to cool down during the hot summer days, set up the sprinkler in the area your lawn needs water most.
  • Leftover ice cubes are another great way to water your plants. Throw them in the pit and as they melt, they will nourish your plants making it unnecessary for you to waste water.

Whether you save water by taking a minute or two off of your shower time, calling a plumber in San Diego to thoroughly check for leaks inside and outside of your home, find creative ways to re-use wasted water in your garden, or by installing water-saving appliances and fixtures, every little bit helps. When it comes to conservation, no step is too small.

At Bill Howe, we have some of the very best plumbers in San Diego that can help you identify areas of water waste and suggest ways to decrease water consumption in your home and increase your savings.

To schedule an appointment or receive an estimate from an expert plumber in San Diego, please contact us at 1-800-BILL-HOWE (1-800-245-5469).

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