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Leaky Toilet? No Problem!


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As a San Diego plumber for more than 30 years, we know that leaky toilets are one of the most common plumbing issues faced by home and business owners. And we also know that a faulty flapper can often be the culprit. As flappers begin to wear over time, the seal might no longer function correctly, which can cause water to improperly leak from the storage tank into the bowl. New flappers are inexpensive and the replacement process is typically quick and easy after a simple trip to a home improvement store. Then you can simply shut off the water valve, drain the water from the tank into the bowl, remove the old flapper, and replace it with the new one.

In the event that replacing the flapper does not solve the leak, you might consider placing a few drops of food coloring into the tank. Simply turn the water valve back on until the tank has refilled, then add some drops of food coloring into the water. If there is color in the bowl, you may want to change the flapper or check for other seals that could be leaking.

But, if you are not handy at household repairs or don’t feel you have the necessary dexterity or equipment on hand, don’t hesitate to contact a San Diego plumber from Bill Howe, thousands of local residents have relied on us for prompt, courteous service for more than 30 years. And San Diego plumbing repair has been our specialty since opening our doors back in 1980.

Plus, we are available to provide emergency plumbing service on a round the clock basis, weekends and holidays included. For the finest in San Diego plumbing repair please contact us at 1-800-BILL-HOWE (1-800-245-5469).



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