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Blog 09/2/19

HVAC Service Price Guide

With the heat being rather unpredictable this year, finding out that your HVAC unit is on the fritz during a heatwave is less than ideal. With regular maintenance, the odds of your system breaking down are slim, but it can still happen. There are a few things you can do to help the prevent large cost to replace your HVAC unit and what to expect if an AC repair is needed.

Preventative Maintenance

The main way to prevent high AC repair costs and to ensure your unit is running at its highest efficiency is to keep up with regular maintenance. Here at Bill Howe Heating & Air, we are experts in HVAC systems and can help you avoid the hefty cost to replace your unit by providing air conditioner maintenance. We offer annual maintenance packages and each package offers two tune-ups. One tune-up will be used to make sure the air conditioning portion of your HVAC system is in the best condition, the other will do the same for the heating elements.  During the tune-up, a thorough inspection will be conducted as well as the following items:

  • Checking the blower motor
  • Inspecting and cleaning the condenser coil
  • Inspect the indoor evaporator coil
  • Check the condensate drain
  • Make sure the thermostat is operating properly
  • Monitor refrigerant levels
  • Check electrical wiring
  • Inspect the fan blade
  • Cleaning the condenser coil
  • Inspect the ductwork for any tears 
  • Change the filter, if necessary

If a certified Bill Howe technician notices anything amiss during these inspections, they will go over it with you and present what your options may be as well as provide an average cost of what needs to be fixed.  By catching the problem early, you reduce the risk of a high replacement cost down the line.

Perform Your Own Maintenance

Perform your own maintenance to keep your HVAC system running optimally in between tune-ups and to keep your duct elements and air conditioning and heating units free of debris. First, clean your system’s filter. If you have an electronic air filter, simply remove the filter and rinse it off in the sink or with a hose outside. If you have just the filter that is incorporated into your HVAC unit, make sure to replace it every 3 months. If you use your HVAC system often or have pets, you may need to replace it monthly.  By doing a monthly filter replacement, you’ll avoid a large AC repair cost and maintenance cost down the line. 

Clean the Outdoor Unit

At least once a year, you should make time to clean the outdoor portion of your AC unit.  First, remove any debris, leaves, grass or weeds that have accumulated on, underneath or on top of the unit. Make sure your HVAC system has a clear area around it in order to run properly. Once you remove the larger debris, use a vacuum to carefully remove the dust from the condenser fins. The condenser fins are the metallic pieces that encapsulate the entire outdoor AC unit. Be careful not to bend any of the fins as this would affect how efficiently the system runs. Next, remove the grille and fan from the top of the unit. Carefully do this to make sure that the electrical connections stay in place on the fan. Use a damp cloth to carefully clean the fan and set it to the side. Using medium pressure from a hose, rinse the condenser fins from the inside of the unit.  When the unit is dry, return the fan and grille back in place and secure them.

To avoid being caught off-guard with a high replacement cost for your unit, call 1-800-BILL-HOWE (1-800-245-5469) to set up an air conditioner maintenance appointment with an experienced Bill Howe HVAC technician.


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What David says about us

Service for new garbage disposal. My ancient garbage disposal quit working, went online to get Bill Howe’s number, immediately received and accepted chat to describe my needs. Prompt call back to schedule an appointment, service tech Allen was out same morning, which was important to fit my work schedule. Job estimate was clear, work done fully to my expectations, area left clean, and price was very fair.
I was not surprised — I have used Bill Howe plumbers for several other tasks in the past. I have always found their staff to be helpful, attentive, and the plumbers very courteous and capable.

January 2020


What Michelle says about us

I have been using Bill Howe since the late 1980’s, their service has always been excellent, plumbing, heating and restoration. I am most impressed by the integrity of their employees, not only do they know their work/skill, they do not waste time, they are so efficient, they are so helpful and they are a true “service”!

February 2020


What Mira says about us

Bill Howe never fails us! We had a drain overflow, and Scott came (on a Saturday) to look at it and offer solution. He was punctual, professional, and extremely helpful. I should also praise the main office for always being helpful and always finding solutions. Very grateful to have you in San Diego!

February 2020

Restoration & Flood

What Ed Gohlich says about us

Cory was our technician on this job. We had a time sensitive repair issue and Bill Howe understood and assisted with getting the job done quickly.
Cory was on time to start the job and finished it quickly. Upon his leaving our home he’s was courteous, very knowledgeable, explaining what the problem was and how he fixed it. Very good communication and this is the way it’s has always been when we use Bill Howe plumbing.
Great company to work with.
Thanks Cory.

August 2019

Heating & Cooling

What Eric says about us

I had a shower that would not drain. The employee arrived on time and fixed the problem quickly and effectively at a very fair price. I was very happy with everything. Thank you and I highly recommend your plumbing service.

January 2019


What Bridgett says about us

I am extremely happy with the service we received from Bill Howe Plumbing. We were given an incorrect diagnosis of our main sewer line from another vendor, but Bill Howe’s servicemen came out for a second opinion, correctly diagnosed our problem and resolved our back up issues. We will continue to use Bill Howe for all our future plumbing needs!

Thank you Bill Howe Plumbing.

July 2019