Is Bricks in the Toilet Safe Way to Save Water?

Fact or Fiction: Bricks in the Toilet Safe Way to Save Water?


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Is it Safe to Place a Brick in my Toilet?

In San Diego, our plumbers are tasked with helping customers not only to solve complex plumbing issues but also to help conserve water. Over the years, many new products have come into the market to help save water, including high efficiency and dual flush toilets. But what if you have a perfectly good toilet with great flushing power, but you still want to save water?

One trick that you may have heard about is placing a brick inside of the toilet tank. But is it safe for you plumbing and does it work?

The Claim:
Placing a brick in your toilet is safe as long as there is space and you do not displace any of the toilets internal mechanisms. Most household bricks are meant to withstand water and elements, so they may not disintegrate rapidly.

But, does it work?

Well, placing a brick in the toilet can save a small amount of water per flush as the brick lessens the tank capacity creating a less Gallons Per Flush (GPM), but it may affect the overall performance of the toilet.

All toilets in California are now required to be 1.28 GPM or less. Because toilets are engineered to use a certain amount of water (1.28 GPM) to create hydraulic action, placing an object such as a brick in the tank could affect performance.

If you have an older toilet with a larger tank and higher GPM, placing an object (such as a brick) could create a higher efficiency by reducing the amount of water used per flush; however, by doing this, the toilet’s design is being changed and may not yield desired results.

Bill Howe Recommends:
If you are looking for a new high-efficiency a way to turn your current toilet into a water-saving design, there are a few options. Many toilet brands allow for the inside tank assembly to be changed out, and there are several kits that will turn an older water wasting toilet into a higher efficiency or even a dual flush toilet.

When purchasing a toilet in San Diego, our plumbers will go over all options covering style and efficiency. If flushing power is a concern, there’s no need to worry as toilets are being designed to be water conserving and powerful. After all, if you have to flush twice, the toilet is no longer saving any water!

If you think you may want to try this trick at home, call 1-800 Bill Howe (245-5469) first and talk with on of our professional plumbers. We can help to save water without compromising your home’s plumbing or fixtures. If it is time to change the toilet completely, then look no further than San Diego’s best plumbers!

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