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Large office parks have a unique challenge when back ups occur in the main sewer lines. If the line is determined to be full of scale buildup, roots, or has cracks or other compromised sections, it could be difficult to repair if that compromise is 200 feet into the line, under a parking lot (or structure), or in the middle of a business. Epoxy re-lining is an excellent solution for these applications to minimize damage, down time, and can be significantly less expensive than traditional dig ups.

Project Site: Business Park in La Jolla, Ca.

Project: Clean 460’ of 4” cast iron line with mechanical tools and line 240’ of 4” cast iron using cured-in-place Permaliner epoxy solution.

Problem: Continual backups affecting multiple offices in the three story commercial building.

Bill Howe Lining Solution: The San Diego drain re-lining team inspected the main drain line with the sewer camera and found heavy scale buildup and deterioration in the main sewer line. The drain relining team used exclusive mechanical cleaning tools to remove major scale buildup through 460 feet of the 4” cast iron line to prepare it for the epoxy liner. Due to the good condition of much of the sewer line, the epoxy relining team was able to line only the affected sections saving money. The lining team performed all work after hours and lined lateral sections on the North and South side of the building.

Building Engineer’s Testimonial:
“While we have come to expect professionalism and quality work from Bill Howe, your crew, specifically Mike and Jim have reset the bar again.

Seldom do we have the opportunity to work with individuals that require little to no supervision/quality control. Mike and Jim knew exactly what work needed to be completed, how to effectively coordinate the work and consistently communicated to us how things were going, what was next and what the overall schedule would be, all the while allowing our customers to maintain their operations without being affected or inconvenienced in any way.”

For over 35 years, Bill Howe become one of the leading San Diego plumbers. No job is too small, and no job is too large for the very best team of qualified and trained employees in the field. If you find yourself faced with frequent back ups affecting your business, you may benefit from an evaluation form the experts at Bill Howe. Call 1-800-Bill Howe (245-5469) today.

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