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Best Types of Linings to Use for Cracked Pipes


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The right pipe lining can repair a cracked or leaking pipe. Different types of linings exist for various systems. The right system will resolve your issue and allow your sewer drain pipe to continue to work without a complete replacement. Bill Howe provides pipe relining services to take care of your issues without the cost and damage to surrounding areas.

Types of Pipe Lining

Four types of pipe lining are available, depending on your sewer system. Pipe relining is a cost and time-effective alternative to replacing the entire sewer system with new pipes.

Cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) is often called trenchless lining because it isn’t necessary to dig trenches to get to the old, failed pipes. The lining technician will clean out the area where the pipe is cracked, clear any blockages, and prepare the existing pipe for the lining process. Once the pipe is prepped, clean and dry, the technician will apply the epoxy lining to the cracked portion. Jets of hot steam are applied to the liner to cure it in place. It will mold itself into cracks in the pipe.

Another option is a pull-in place process. Technicians often recommend this treatment if the pipe has a larger crack or gaps. The technician will fix the liner to the pipe using a heat source, usually steam. The liner then must be pulled into place over the gap or crack. The technician will create two access points. The first point is to feed the liner. The second point is where the liner is pulled through. Air is then introduced into the pipe liner, holding it in place against the pipe walls until it dries, and creating a seamless new pipe within a pipe.

Pipe bursting is the third method of pipe lining. This method is often recommended for pipes that have severe damage. It can replace an entire system or repair large sections of damage. First, access points are created at either end of the pipeline in four-foot square sections. A bursting head is placed at one access point. The technician will use hydraulic power to move the head through the pipe, breaking the old pipe. A new seamless pipe is brought in, which has a lifespan of up to 100 years for preventing root intrusion.

Internal pipe coating, or injection cast epoxy spray lining, is the fourth method of pipe lining. It’s often used to repair pipes that have begun leaking into the soil. Pipes must be completely drained to remove all water. The technician will then spray a thick epoxy coating inside the pipes. This coating is designed to seal all leaks and cracks.

Which Pipe Relining Solution is Best

The best pipe relining method depends on the pipe’s location, how severe the damage is, and how the pipe is used. For instance, you may need a specific type of epoxy if your pipes are pressurized, such as with sprinkler systems or heating and cooling lines. Another product would provide a stronger repair for load-bearing pipes, such as those that run under a highway or railway.

If the pipes are used for drinking water, you need a safe epoxy solution approved for human consumption. Other products have a more general use and work with clay, metal, iron, concrete, fiberglass, or PVC pipe.

Trust Bill Howe for Sewer Pipe Lining

To determine the best pipe relining solution for your residential or commercial system, you can contact Bill Howe. With over 40 years in the drain industry, Bill Howe knows Howe! Our team will inspect your pipes to determine the extent of the damage and which solutions will provide the best results, keeping in mind your budget and goals. The team will provide you with an estimate of the sewer pipe lining cost and explain the benefits of the chosen pipe relining technique. With access to the latest diagnostic and repair equipment for cracked sewer pipe repair, you can count on the Bill Howe team to get the job done with the least possible damage and cost for the surrounding areas.

If you need a cracked sewer drain pipe repaired or trenchless pipe lining, contact Bill Howe at 858.630.5405. Schedule an appointment for pipe relining today.

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