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A Study in Leaks: Water Pressure and Your Plumbing


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Did you know that San Diego imports approximately 80 to 90 percent of its water? And, year after year, we face fluctuating drought conditions reaching critical levels. Needless to say, water conservation is critical, and a licensed plumber in San Diego can play an important role in education and prevention.

Bill Howe plumbing in San Diego has implemented as company policy to check a homeowner’s water pressure on every service call. Since water pressure varies throughout San Diego county, and some areas have a higher city pressure, it is recommended to determine the water pressure in your home; the ideal pressure should fall around 50 psi, but never above 80 psi.

The higher the water pressure, the more water is wasted and the harder water flow is on your home’s fixtures and plumbing. In San Diego, we also have the added factor of “hard” water. Together, these can be major factors in the deterioration and breakdown of pipes and fixtures that may eventually lead to small leaks (which can cause major damage if left undetected).

A pressure reducing valve (or regulator) is an ideal preventative measure to control water flow throughout your home. Any licensed plumber in San Diego can install a Pressure Reducing Valve or PRV.  They are commonly installed where the water main enters the house and perform two functions: they reduce the city’s high incoming water pressure, and regulate the flow maintaining a steady and controlled pressure.

PRV’s can not only extend the life and preserve your home’s plumbing fixtures and pipes, but it can also save on water usage will be reflected in your water bills. By reducing water pressure, water usage can be cut by up to 1/3 in a typical home.

It is a common myth that by reducing water pressure, you will reduce the quality of showers and other water benefits. This is not true! PRV’s simply create a “regulated” flow giving you a steady pressure at all times. You will eliminate spikes and lows and can enjoy the same great benefits as you did before. And, if you install a low flow or water savings showerhead (and other fixtures), you can save even more without losing functionality or enjoyment.

For more information or to schedule a free estimate with an expert from Bill Howe Plumbing in San Diego, call 1-800-Bill Howe (245-5469). Celebrating 35 years in San Diego in 2015 because “We Know Howe!”

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