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What’s the Average Cost for HVAC Unit Cleaning?


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HVAC systems should be cleaned regularly to ensure they run properly, and also so dust or other contaminants aren’t carried through the home. So, with the cooler fall months just around the corner, it may be time to have your HVAC unit cleaned to get it prepped and ready to go. While some maintenance can be done by you, it is best to leave the cleaning to the professional technicians at Bill Howe Heating & Air. The costs of HVAC cleaning services will vary with each set-up, but there are a few things you can do to help keep those costs down.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Before you begin, make sure to turn your thermostat to the off position. To further make sure the unit doesn’t turn on while you’re cleaning it, locate the electrical disconnect near the unit and pull the plug out. Once this is complete, clean the area around the outdoor unit. Remove any dirt, debris, trash, leaves, or other items that may have accumulated near the unit. If possible, remove any dust and debris that may have collected underneath the unit as well. Next, gently vacuum the condenser fins while being mindful not to damage or bend the condenser. The condenser fins are the small, metal blades that surround the outside of your unit.  Make sure not to bend any of the fins as this will cause the unit to run inefficiently. If you notice that some of the fins are bent, a certified Bill Howe technician can address that during your maintenance appointment.

When you have completed the vacuuming, use a damp cloth to wipe down the fan located at the top of the unit. Typically it is easy to unscrew the grille and fan of the unit and lift them out so that you can thoroughly clean the fan. Make sure to remove the fan carefully so as not to damage any electrical connections or the fan itself. Keeping the fan away from the unit, use a hose to spray the condenser fins from the inside of the unit out. Make sure that the unit is empty before doing this. When the unit is completely dry, return the grille and fan to the top of the unit and secure back in place.

Change the Filter

An easy way to keep your heating and air conditioning system clean and running properly is to regularly replace or clean the air filter. If you have an electronic air cleaner or UV light added to your AC unit, make sure to either clean the air filter by rinsing it off with a hose or have the UV light replaced when necessary. For your HVAC system, replacing your filter quarterly will help to keep your system clean. In cases where you are using your system a lot, you may need to change your filter more often.

Schedule A Maintenance Appointment

Schedule a maintenance appointment with a certified Bill Howe technician. During a maintenance or tune-up appointment, one of our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your unit for any issues and make recommendations on how to fix them. Additionally, by having your heating and air conditioning system regularly maintained, this helps to keep the warranty on your system intact. Bill Howe Heating & Air also offers annual maintenance packages to allow you to have your system maintained twice a year (once for your heater and once for your air conditioning). The best time to schedule these tune-ups are in the spring, to get your air conditioner prepped and ready with cool air for the summer months, and the fall, to get your system ready to heat during the cooler winter months. During these tune-ups, a full inspection of HVAC equipment will be conducted which will include:

  • Checking the blower motor
  • Inspecting and cleaning the condenser coil
  • Inspect the indoor coil
  • Check the condensate drain
  • Make sure the thermostat is operating properly
  • Monitor refrigerant levels
  • Check electrical wiring
  • Inspect the fan blade
  • Cleaning the condenser coil
  • Inspect the ductwork for any tears
  • Change the filter, if necessary

The cost of an HVAC cleaning depends on a wide range of factors, but maintaining a few easy aspects of it can help reduce those costs. But if you do need a cleaning, we are experienced with all HVAC systems and are sure to provide the best cleaning services just for you.

For excellent customer service and maintenance you can trust, call the experts at 1-800-BILL-HOWE (1-800-245-5469), because we know Howe!

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