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What Should You Look for When Purchasing A New Disposal?


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Most people have the same basic set up in their kitchens. They have a stove, a refrigerator, a microwave, a sink, faucet and perhaps a disposal. If you have a disposal, or are thinking of installing a disposal, keep reading-this blog’s for you!

Many people think a disposal is a disposal is a disposal, there all the same, right? But our San defog plumbers will tell you that not every disposal is created equal.

While our experts at Bill Howe will advise to use your disposal sparingly , a good disposal will help you clean up your kitchen plates after dinner. It grinds and helps push small food particles down your drain, and hopefully, keeps it clean and running smooth.

So what do you look for in a disposal?

Continuous feed disposals are great for busy kitchens and the most popular choice. The motor begins when you turn the power on and does not shut off until you turn the power off. This makes it super easy to run water and dispose of waste in one easy step.

Batch feed deposals are different in that they do not power up when you turn the power on. Typically, you will have to fill the chamber before it will grind, and most batch feed disposals also require a cover before the motor will run. This is a much safer disposal, as metal objects will not fall in while the motor is turning, but both continuous feed and batch feed have safety measures in place to immediately stop the motor if an object falls into the chamber.

Grind Stages determine how fine waste is when it’s sent to the sewer system. Your higher end disposals will have more grind stages, but come at a premium cost.

Noise levels vary by disposal. The most common that our plumbers in San Diego install is the Badger 5. It is a ¾ horsepower and perfect for small bits of waste missed when disposing of food in the trash, but it can be much louder than other disposals. So if noise is a factor, you definitely want to look for the higher end models.

So when you are facing the choice to install a new disposal, ask yourself what you want to get out of your new unit. Power? Quiet level? Durability? But whatever your disposal needs are you can count on the experts in San Diego, Bill Howe Plumbing. So call 1-800-BILL HOWE (245-5469) today-the only name in San Diego Plumbing!

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