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Most Common Garbage Disposal Clogs


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Garbage disposals are a very convenient appliance. They typically help make kitchen cleanups a breeze and are a staple in many homes. However, as a long time plumber in San Diego, we know that every now and then, these fixtures clog and often times, these blockages are caused by the same few items. As a result, we wanted to share some helpful information with both home and business owners in order to avoid common disposal mishaps.

As a plumber in San Diego for more than 30 years, there isn’t much we haven’t seen when it comes to garbage disposal clogs. But most times, it is items like potato peels, onionskins, grease/oil, coffee grounds, bones and banana peels that cause the issues, backups and sometimes cause the disposals to freeze. Therefore, our team highly suggests that you never place any unnecessary objects into the disposal.

Additionally, stoppages can occur when food that is deemed safe for the disposal is not ground enough by the blade and hot water is not utilized long enough to flush the particles through the pipe. As a result, waste then sits in the pipe and causes a clog. Therefore, our experts suggest that when you do use your disposal to be sure to listen carefully to the sound the appliance makes when it is operating. Then, before placing food in the unit, begin running water to assist with flushing particles down the pipes. Continue to listen to the unit as it grinds, when the noise changes to a whirling sound the food should be completely ground into small particles. And while it is now safe to turn off the garbage disposal unit, continue to run water for approximately 5 seconds to flush away the remaining food particles.

If your garbage disposal unit is not working properly, finding a professional plumber in San Diego is essential. At Bill Howe, we are experts when it comes to plumbing repair. San Diego residents have turned to us for all their plumbing issues regardless of size or difficulty for more than 3 decades. We offer 24/7 service, affordable rates and guaranteed satisfaction.

For more information about keeping your disposal in good working order or to schedule a plumbing repair, San Diego residents please give us a call at 1-800-Bill-Howe (1-800-245-5469).

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