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What is Residential Plumbing


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What is Residential Plumbing

Residential plumbing covers a wide variety of plumbing related services for the home. From drains, water lines, and water heaters, to gas, slab leaks, sinks, and toilets, many different systems make up a house’s plumbing. Finding an experienced residential plumber is vital to keeping your home’s plumbing system running as intended.

Bill Howe Plumbing has helped San Diego homeowners with their plumbing service, repair, and maintenance for over 40 years. With expertly trained technicians, high-tech equipment, and a focus on customer satisfaction, Bill Howe is San Diego’s most trusted plumber.

What does Residential Plumbing consist of?


A major component of residential plumbing is proper drainage. Inside the home, all kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry services should have a drain line. Even some HVAC systems have a condensate drain line that connects to an exterior or interior drain line.

When these vital drains get clogged, it not only hinders the performance of your plumbing system but can be a sign of a bigger problem. While some small clogs can be cleared by homeowners, licensed plumbers should be called for recurring, major clogs and overflows.

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are leaks in the pressurized water lines under the slab foundation. Slab leaks are commonly caused by the age of the pipe or improper installation. Over time, as hot water runs through copper piping, the pipe expands, contracts, and rubs against the foundation. This causes wear in the pipe, creating small pinhole leaks.

Some common signs of a slab leak are warm floors, the sound of running water, or unexplained water along baseboards. If you experience any of the above signs, call a licensed plumber for slab leak detection and repair.

Burst angle stops

One of the most common causes of flooded homes are burst water shut off valves (angle stops). Angle stops are located at every sink and toilet and can be individually shut off. However, as constant pressurized water impacts them, these can wear over time. Plumbers recommend checking for corrosion monthly and changing angel stops every five to seven years.

Running toilets

Running or leaking toilets that are left unchecked produce wasted water. Most often, running toilets are caused by a worn flapper that can be easily changed for a minimal cost. Should this not remedy the problem, call a plumber you trust to diagnose and fix the problem.

Broken fixtures

Leaky and broken fixtures are also a residential plumbing problem that can happen over time. In fact, most freshwater plumbing problems come about because of the wear on fixtures from constant pressure.

Water Pressure and PRV

Because of constant water pressure, it is important that homeowners have a working pressure regulating device installed. Often, the city water pressure that comes into the home is above the safe PSI of 50-80. If the pressure is high in the home, it can cause leaks, burst fixtures, and water heaters leading to floods.

To prevent this, pressure regulating devices are installed to adjust the pressure before it comes into the home. Plumbers recommend a PSI at 75 for the best performance and safe pressure.

Water Heaters

Tank and tankless water heaters supply hot water to the home. Traditional or conventional water heaters have a tank with continual storage of 30-100 gallons of water. The water is continually heated inside of the tank to provide hot water when needed.

Tankless water heaters provide endless supplies of hot water throughout the home with minimal storage of water. This makes them smaller in size and much more efficient. Learn more about the differences between conventional and tankless water heaters.


Licensed plumbers are required to perform gas line related services including gas line installation, gas leak detection, and repair.
Homeowners that notice signs of a gas leak should take all safety precautions and contact a licensed plumber to perform detection and repair. If a gas leak is not properly repaired, SDG&E can interrupt your natural gas service with a lockout.

Wall Heaters

Many San Diego homes come equipped with wall or floor style heating due to limited space. Unlike central heating systems that distribute heat throughout a home or building, wall heaters are free-standing or mounted on the wall. Bill Howe Plumbing can service these systems. When it is time to upgrade your wall heater, Bill Howe Heating and Air can install a new, efficient heating system.


Your home’s irrigation system is part of the freshwater delivery system that delivers water indoors and outdoors. Plumbing pipes, fixtures, and even sprinklers, and other irrigation equipment are part of this system. Because of this, some irrigation issues fall under residential plumbing and can be remedied by a professional plumber.

Residential Plumbing Maintenance

As part of preventative home maintenance, homeowners should invest in annual plumbing maintenance with a licensed professional. During annual maintenance, plumbers can detect possible leaks, test drain lines, check shut-off valves and make recommendations for improved efficiencies.

By regularly assessing the plumbing in your home, homeowners can stay ahead of potential problems and reduce the need for costly repairs.

When Do You Call a Residential Plumber?

• If there are warm spots or unexplained water on the floor

• Hear running water even when fixtures are not being used

• When you smell gas (after safely leaving the home)

• When you have stubborn clogged drains or recurring clogged drains

• Running or leaking faucets and toilets

• For wall heater repairs

• For installation, repairs, and maintenance on tank or tankless water heaters

• For annual plumbing maintenance

At Bill Howe Plumbing, our technicians are licensed and trained in all residential plumbing services. From gas leaks and water heaters to clogged drains and irrigation, our 40 years’ experience will ensure you receive exceptional service you can trust.
For emergency service or residential plumbing maintenance, call the professionals at Bill Howe, 1-800-Bill Howe (245-5469).

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