What's In The Air That You Breathe?

The Air That You Breathe: Why Ventilation Matters


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Proper ventilation is important, but something that we may take for granted in our own homes, especially in one of the finest climates in the America. Even if you have air conditioning in San Diego, chances are that it is used only during certain months. But, how often do you think about the air circulating through your home and how fresh it is?

Ventilation and ductwork that flows through your home is an intricate system allowing you to stay cool in summer, and warm in the wintertime. But, it also circulates the air (and anything that might be present, including anything present in the air). Having a professional in San Diego air conditioning, or heating, change the filters during your annual maintenance will also help to keep the air circulating in your home clean and pure.

In the ventilation system there is also a drip pan that catches the excess water/condensation, where bacteria sometimes can grow. In severe cases, it can contaminate indoor environments and cause a variety of issues including odors, and sometimes exasperate conditions like asthma. A simple and easy solution that will help keep bacteria from growing is cleaning the condensate line. Any specialist in San Diego air conditioning can perform this service and check your system.

Another way to ensure that what is circulating through your air conditioning in San Diego is as clean as possible, is to regularity maintain your system with annual pre-season tune-ups and regularly cleaning your air ducts. Not only would seasonal maintenance and air duct cleaning help the airflow, but also extends the life of your unit and keeps it running when you need it most.

We always recommend seasonal tune-ups and during each visit will check your airflow. For more information on the services performed during our A/C and heating tune-up, visit

Bill Howe’s experts in San Diego air conditioning are available night and day and offer the best in service, repair and replacement of HVAC systems. To schedule your appointment today, call 1-800-BILL-HOWE (245-5469).

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