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Save Water, Install a Comfort System!


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With mandatory water conservation in effect and drought conditions not improving any time soon, people are searching for more ways to save every last drop. And one of the biggest water wastes can be, not appliance or long showers, but all of those minutes spent waiting for water to get hot for showers and at the kitchen sink.

At Bill Howe, we often receive calls inquiring about comfort systems. Gaining in popularity, especially in light of new water-conservation efforts, our plumbers in San Diego highly recommend this solution for many homeowners who find themselves letting cold water run down the drain waiting for a hot shower or for the kitchen tap to reach the perfect temperature.

One great solution we recommend is the installation of a Comfort System. But, what is a comfort system?

Traditionally, cold water sits in pipes and when you turn your shower on, or kitchen faucet hot tap, the cold water runs while the water heater heats the water. Depending on the location of the taps from the water heater, this can take up to several minutes and wastes quite a bit of water.

The comfort system re-circulates that cold water back to the water heater while heating water and delivering it fast to the locations needed.

A recirculation/comfort system operates by heating up the water, but instead of sending cold water fist, it routes the cold water back to the heater and sends you hot water faster eliminating thousands of gallons of water waste each year.

Comfort systems can be installed at the water heater, and then a connection is also made at each location where hot water is needed fast (usually near the kitchen or shower). They work in conjunction with your current water heater, traditional or tankless, and even have remote systems to turn them on when you need it.

Only activated when you need it, the comfort system can be installed to use with a timer system or a button that allows you to manually turn it on when you will be calling for hot water, and by remote so you can turn it on, from anywhere in the house!

Comfort systems deliver instant hot water, eliminate waste and will save you in both water and energy bills. They have a life expectancy of 15-20 years so you know that they will continue to deliver comfort and savings for many years.

Bill Howe’s expert San Diego plumbers are in high demand when it comes to installing comfort systems so don’t wait, call 1-800 Bill Howe (245-5469) for your free estimate today!






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