San Diego Plumber Saves First Panda Visit: 1987 - Bill Howe

San Diego Plumber Saves First Panda Visit: 1987


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In 1987, the San Diego Zoo began a love affair with the Giant Pandas, Basi & Yuan Yuan, when they came to visit our World-Famous Zoo. What do pandas have to do with plumbing in San Diego, you ask? One of our favorite moments in our 37-year history.

Bill Howe had already become the trusted name for plumbing in San Diego. He started his company seven years earlier making a name as an honest San Diego plumber offering the community the highest quality at affordable rates. So, when the Director of Architecture and Planning for the Zoological Society discovered the Panda Home was in need of complete plumbing redo, they called Bill Howe.

The Panda’s were expected within just a couple of days and their temporary home would need to have a complete plumbing overhaul. Bill Howe, still actively working as a San Diego plumber, and his crew went to work and finished Basi & Yaun Yuan’s home as the Pandas were landing.

On September 1, 1987, Director of Architecture and Planning, David E. Rice, presented Bill Howe with a letter and certificate for their work. He wrote, “The success of this project is directly attributable to your attention to detail, quality and schedule. Under extreme adverse conditions, you and your crew managed to complete your portion of the project in cooperation with all others involved.”

Bill Howe has continued to build the Bill Howe Family of Companies’ on those same principles of community, integrity, quality, and teamwork alongside his family and the 175 employees. We are very proud to be able to have taken part in such an historic event.

You can view the certificate and letter on our Bill Howe Plumbing in San Diego Facebook page.


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