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Prepare for the Rainy Season with Drain Experts, Bill Howe Plumbing, Inc.


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Bill Howe Plumbing advises an ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure with area drains this rainy season, helping customers keep money in their wallets now and later

The winter season signals a time of goodwill and cheer, but it also means that the rainy season is soon to follow. Even though San Diego enjoys near perfect weather, it does experience some heavy rains and stormy weather causing major problems in residential and commercial plumbing, and more specifically in area drains. By ensuring all drains are clear before the rain comes down, home and business owners can save in the future of what could be more costly drain cleaning. San Diego property owners are able to save now, too, with this exclusive offer from Bill Howe Plumbing.

A back up of an area drain never seems to happen at an opportune time. In San Diego, the rains could last 20 minutes or two hours and there is no stopping an overflow from your area drains once it begins.  When it comes to area drain cleaning, San Diego plumbers know that it is more difficult and much more costly to clear area drains after or during the rain. In most cases, regular snaking will be sufficient to clear and maintain any exterior drains, however, once it has rained, drain technicians can no longer safely use the regular electrical snaking equipment. Instead, they have to use the high-pressure, gas-powered hydro-jetters to clear any outside drains. By this time, homes could be flooded incurring costly restoration services. That is why Bill Howe Plumbing wants to alleviate San Diego residents of the cost and headache with a special “rainy day” offer.

The best cure for any ailment is the preventative kind. This holds true with area drains as well. Bill Howe Plumbing offers comprehensive preventative maintenance packages tailoring the services to each property’s drain system so that customers receive the perfect service every time. Bill Howe Plumbing’s team of San Diego drain cleaning specialists will assess each property during their initial inspection, and can draw up a yearly or bi-yearly estimate for maintaining the drains in working order throughout all seasons, and offer immediate relief with added savings. There is no hassle once a maintenance plan has been chosen; Bill Howe Plumbing’s friendly office staff will take care of all scheduling, including reminders when the time is near. Save now with a special discount and save later with a tailored maintenance plan.

“An awareness of how your area drains work and how they are running could be the difference between a small bill for maintenance each year and a much larger bill if we have to come and clear your area drains after the rain, says Hector Godinez, Field Supervisor and San Diego drain cleaning specialist at Bill Howe Plumbing, Inc. “It is better to be prepared and you can avoid a worst case scenario flood and at least save a little money.  It doesn’t often rain in San Diego, but when it does, it has the capacity to cause major damage and we simply want to help our customer’s avoid the damage and cost as much as possible.”

For over 30 years, Bill Howe Pluming, Inc. has been the leading experts in drain cleaning. San Diego residents can visit, or call 619-286-6348 to learn more about preventive maintenance plans.

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