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Hydro-jetting vs. Snaking


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When it comes to pipes, clogged drains are part of the game. Keeping your plumbing clog-free is a vital skill when it comes to owning a home but even the most responsible homeowners will face a clogged drain eventually. In addition to the usual hair, grease, food, and normal sludge getting stuck in the drains there is also the wear and tear of chemical drain cleaners. These chemicals slowly corrode your pipes, weakening the infrastructure of your plumbing which could lead more serious problems down the line. When you do face an inevitable plumbing clog, there are two main drain cleaning methods of removing it: plumbing snake and hydro-jetting. This article will cover these drain cleaning methods and when the appropriate time is to use them. Both of these methods have their own advantages and should be performed by a plumbing professional. Call your friendly technicians at Bill Howe Plumbing today to schedule a drain inspection.

Plumbing Snake

Also known as a plumbing auger, a plumbing snake has a long metal tube encasing a cable with blades or a corkscrew attached to the end and a crank attached to the other. The terminal end (the side with the blades) is inserted in the drain. The cable is extended until it reaches the obstruction in the pipe. The drain technician will then turn the crank to twist the blades into the obstruction and pushed with force. This action will either punch a hole through the clog or the clog will become twisted around the snake’s terminal end so that when it is pulled out the clog is removed from the drain. Snaking a drain with a straight auger should be used for bathroom and kitchen sink drains while an auger with a J-bend is used for toilet bowls. Plumbing snakes are typically powered by a hand crank but there is a larger, motorized version. Regardless of where the clog is cleared from, water should be flushed down the drain to ensure that the clog has been fully eradicated. This is typically used by an experienced plumbing professional but it can be rented if you are interested in a DIY project.


Hydro-jetting is a more sophisticated tool for cleaning a drain. A hose is connected to a machine that creates a pressurized water stream powerful enough to clean the drain. The hose is fed into the drain while the water jet stream obliterates any and all gunk, grime and debris from within the pipe. The water pressure is even strong enough to cut through tree roots. Hydro-jet drain cleaning should only be performed by a professional. Using a combination of their expertise and a camera inspection, the plumbing technician can determine if hydro-jetting is the correct course of action for your pipes. The water pressure used by hydro-jetting is incredibly powerful and if used at the wrong setting it can damage the structural integrity of the pipe. Because of this, jetting equipment is typically only available to plumbing contractors or professionals. Hydro jetting drain cleaning is also a great option for main line sewer cleaning to eradicate any toilet paper, sludge, and debris that may have clogged up your main sewer line.


Hydrojetting vs plumbing snake, which is better for your property? A certified technician at Bill Howe Plumbing can help determine the best plumbing services for your clogged drain issue. The plumbing snake has been the tried and true method of plumbers for years. It is an easier procedure that is possible to perform on your own. It is much gentler on your pipes and is especially suited for weakened or older drains. The drawback of it is that its clog removal capabilities are limited. The auger is great for simple clogs but it does not remove the grease, gunk, or grime that builds up along the lining of the pipe. Utilizing a hydro jet, on the other hand, is a powerful method of cleaning that removes all traces of the debris and sludge in your sewer pipe and it is a chemical free cleaning services. Unfortunately, hydro-jetting is not a safe procedure to perform on your own. If you are not a professional there is a high likelihood that you will end up doing more harm than good. No one tool is the best in every situation. When dealing with a clog it is best to consult a professional to determine the correct course of action. They are much better equipped and trained to diagnose and resolve the problem. Call us today and we’ll get started on the best way to help with your residential or commercial plumbing drain cleaning needs at 1-800-BILL-HOWE! Bill Howe Plumbing is the San Diego plumbing company you can trust with all of your jetting services, drain and sewer concerns!

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