Simple Steps To Clean Your Showerhead

“Howe” to Clean Your Showerhead


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You don’t need plumbers in San Diego to tell you how hard the counties water can be. In fact, we have one of the worst ranking water in the country (coming in at 9th) which can cause many issues with your homes plumbing. One of the more annoying, but easily resolved, issues is that of a clogged shower head.

Hard Water Buildup On Showerhead
Showerhead with hard water scale build up.

If you are experiencing slow streams of water, or trickling out of the shower head, your first inclination might be to call your nearest plumbers in San Diego. However, you should first check to see if it is simple hard water scale build up and mineral deposits that are slowing your water pressure. This problem can easily be cleaned with household items.

You will need a few items that can easily be gathered from your arsenal of household items: Pliers, a towel, a container (Tupperware bowls work perfect, white vinegar, a paperclip and an old toothbrush).

Step one: Remove the showerhead. It should twist off with a little pressure, but if it is a little stuck, you can try using pliers. But be careful not to scratch the showerhead. Once the showerhead is removed, the rest is easy!

Step two: Place the showerhead in the container filled with white distilled vinegar and leave submersed for at least 30 minutes and up to an hour, depending on the level of buildup.

Step Three: Remove the showerhead and place on a towel. Use the paperclip to unclog the holes (gently) and the toothbrush to gently brush away scale build up and mineral deposits.

Step Four: You can then rinse the showerhead in warm water and reattach it in your shower. Turn the shower on and let it run warm water for several minutes and you should now be able to enjoy full pressure!

Showerhead after cleaning.

For quick cleaning and regular maintenance (and to avoid calling on your San Diego plumbers when the problem becomes too difficult), you can also fill a plastic bag with the vinegar and place around the showerhead without detaching it. Simply secure a tie around the neck, and allow the showerhead to soak. Remove the bag and you can brush the buildup off.

If you notice a loss of pressure in multiple fixtures, or your showerhead seems to have a deeper issue, you can always call one of Bill Howe’s San Diego plumbers at 1-800 Bill Howe (245-5469) for a free on site assessment.

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