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How Does my A/C in San Diego Work?


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Most people believe that air conditioners pump cool air inside your home to create a comfortable environment. While this is sort of true, it is not the whole story; they do a whole lot more for us! Air conditioning systems are a complex mechanical system which is why they should be regularly maintained by a professional to ensure optimal working order.

Your San Diego air conditioning is made up of several components that make it work.


The evaporator contains the coils that remove heat and humidity from the air using refrigerant. In the past, most refrigerants used were not safe for the environment and would deplete the ozone layer. In recent years, old refrigerants have been replaced with more environment-friendly versions. This has increased the cost for older systems refrigerant, so if you have a system that is older than 15-20 years, and it is in need of a re-charge, you may want to consider replacing the system to a newer high-efficiency San Diego air conditioning unit.


The blower is a large fan motor that pushes the air through the evaporator and chills it. It continues throughout your ducting system and into your home. Often, one of the costliest aspects of a san Diego air conditioning repair is cleaning the blower. If you have regular tune-ups, it can help to lessen the need to remove and deep clean the blower when you find your a/c is not cooling properly.


The condenser is where you will find the coils that are used to remove heat from the refrigerant circulating through your system. The condenser is located on the outside of the home, and requires regular maintenance to keep it clean and in working order. Since it is located in the elements, it is also important to keep it protected. It is important to not block the condenser to ensure a good volume of air going through all angles of the coils.


The compressor is the pump that links the evaporator inside and condenser outside. The compressor pumps the refrigerant from your condenser back into the indoor coil and back to the condenser.  It is commonly referred to as the heart of your cooling system.

Condenser Fan

This fan is also located in the outside unit. It ensures there is proper amounts of air circulating through the outdoor coil. Often, when you have trouble with your A/C in san Diego, you may discover that the fan turns, but the unit does not cool. This can indicate that refrigerant is low, or there is a problem with the compressor.


Filters are one of the most important aspects of your air conducting system. If you have pets, you may find that your filter gets clogged often and is in need of changing more than once a year. You should regularly change your filters to keep air flowing freely and ensure that your filters are the proper size and efficiency for your unique system.


Your thermostat enables you to control how your system runs. If you have a smart or programmable thermostat, you can save money and keep your home running at the most efficient level. It is important to know how your thermostat works and understand all the amazing things you can do. There are even thermostats that you can control through your smart phone which can enable you to set your temperature to be ready where you want it before you get home!

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