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Ducting and Your Heating & A/C System: Are You Wasting Energy?

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Homes with central heating and/or air conditioning rely on ducting and vents to distribute the air and maintain comfort during summer and winter months. Air ducts are possibly the most important aspects of the overall efficiency and working order of the central heating or cooling system.

Ducting can affect the efficiency of a home’s central heating and/or air conditioning as well as the functionality when poorly constructed or leaking.

The Cause of Wasted Efficiency in Ductwork

Ducts leak for many reasons. Many times, a sharp object hidden in the attic or floorboards can snag the ducting creating a hole or tear when installing new ductwork. Ducting can also become separated over time where duct tape wears down and dries out.

Ducting problems also occur when incorrect sized ducting is installed, or if ducting becomes kinked or blocked. Kinks occur in ducting when it is installed in tight spaces within the floor or attic. Blocked and kinked ducting restricts the airflow making the system work harder to deliver the right temperature.

Save energy and money

In Californiua, up to 30% of energy is used on heating or cooling homes. Imagine if your ducts have come apart, develop a hole or tear, or are blocked, the amount of money in wasted energy while making your system work harder to heat or cool your home.


  • When performing annual maintenance on the air conditioning or heating system, ensure that a ducting inspection is also performed
  • Make sure that ducts are properly supported and do not sag, twist or bend
  • Check that ducts are properly sealed and insulated
  • Make sure that ducting is the correct size for your heating and cooling system, and that the system is also the right size of your home or business

Call the experts in San Diego air conditioning systems, 1-800 Bill Howe (245-5469) to see if you have possible leakage in your ductwork.

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