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For residential homeowners, air conditioning and heating can be a luxury, but for businesses to operate, it is more of a necessity. Many business owners enjoy the comforts of central heating & air conditioning, only addressing HVAC equipment when there is a failure to repair need. However, investing in regular HVAC maintenance can save money and prevent system downtime helping to avoid major and costly repairs.

HVAC contractors recommend scheduling preseason routine maintenance on a semi-annual basis. Since many HVAC companies get busy during high demand seasons, it is best to schedule air conditioning maintenance services in the spring and heating maintenance services in the fall.

During spring and fall press season maintenance tune-ups, heating & air conditioning specialists will check the thermostat control settings ensuring optimal programming for comfort and efficiency around business hours to maximize use and cost as well as a set checklist determined by the type of equipment, size, space and use, and needs of each unique business.

In San Diego, air conditioning is a bit of a luxury, but for businesses with employees and customers, it is a necessity to remain comfortable and important to maintain regularly.

Performing regular commercial HVAC maintenance provides peace of mind for businesses enabling doors to remain open, employees and customers to remain comfortable, and avoid failures during the times when it is needed most.

What to Expect During Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Not all heating & air conditioning companies are the same. Commercial customers should do their due diligence and research companies before hiring the right contractor. Business owners and maintenance managers should ask potential contractors questions about the company’s preventative maintenance service, costs, potential pitfalls and ensure that contractors also ask questions to ensure they are focused on designing the right maintenance package for the commercial property.

Depending on the age, type of equipment, location, and usage, commercial air conditioning maintenances may vary from property to property. The right licensed professional will modify the HVAC services to meet the unique needs of the property and uses within the building(s).


Commercial air conditioning specialists will check the refrigerant levels and charge. If the refrigerant is low, it could indicate a leak in which case; they will determine the cause and diagnose the proper repair. If refrigerant can be added, typically, there will be additional costs per pound of refrigerant or specialists will supply a recommendation for commercial air conditioning repairs.


Filters are essential to proper airflow and efficiency for all residential and commercial air conditioning operation. During every maintenance, filters should be cleaned or changed, and customers should also check with their HVAC specialist to determine if they need to be changed out on a more regular basis depending on use and property needs.

Condensate Lines

Since air conditioning removes humidity and moisture from the air, all air conditioning systems have a drain or condensate line. Sometimes, condensate lines can become clogged with debris, and during preventative maintenance tune-ups, air conditioning specialists will ensure condensate lines are clear. Clogged condensate lines can decrease air conditioner efficiency and cause other commercial air conditioning repairs.

Electrical Components

Some common repairs on both residential and commercial air conditioning units are due to wiring and electrical connections. Sometimes rodents will chew through electrical wiring or fuses become shorted out, and it can be a simple fix. All electrical components and wiring should be checked during regular commercial air conditioning maintenance, and fuses will be checked.

Fans & Blower Motor

During all annual maintenances, air conditioning fans and motor blower operation will be assessed, and specialists will ensure they are running on the correct amperage and running correctly .


Proper airflow is integral to efficient operation for any air conditioning system. Tune-up services will identify potential airflow issues and address minor repairs if needed. Airflow obstructions occur for many reasons including filters, ductwork issues, and system configuration.

During all preventative maintenance tune-ups, all moving parts will be checked and lubricated. Just like vehicles, it is important for motors and bearings to be adequately lubricated to ensure the system does not seize during normal operation.

Choosing the Right Commercial Air Conditioning Specialist

Choosing the right contractor to design and perform annual and semi-annual preventative maintenance services on HVAC systems is as important as the service itself. The right professional will ask and answer questions about the process, determine what the unique needs are for the property or business, and provide a thorough plan to help customers achieve the most efficient air conditioning operation as possible.

Past and current performance of the air conditioning will be necessary to understand, as well as humidity, airflow, and temperature variances. All of these can indicate design problems or other potential causes of poor performance to be addressed during the tune-up or for future commercial air conditioning repairs.

It will also be important for the HVAC contractor to understand the needs of the business, occupancy, hours of operation to design the right maintenance plan to help address energy consumption and efficiency.

If contractors are not asking about business needs and current operation, they might not be the right contractor. Business owners should create a checklist of their own to compare when inquiring with potential HVAC specialists and during the site visit. Customers should also inquire about the process and understand how the preventative maintenance visit will go.

Questions to Consider When Choosing a commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Specialists

Will I be provided with an estimate for maintenance package options?

How long will the maintenance visit last and will the system be down at any time?

What is the protocol for addressing repair commercial air conditioning repair recommendations and timelines for repairs?

How can we improve air conditioning performance for maximum efficiency and operation?

Will I receive an itemized list of what was done during the maintenance visit?

Will the contractor schedule services in advance and send reminder notices?

Is there a warranty on maintenance?

Commercial customers should also check the contractor’s license through the California State Licensing Board to verify that the contractor has an active and unblemished license and insurance. Customers should also ask for a copy of liability insurance to ensure that there is a large enough umbrella to cover a commercial property loss.

Commercial contractors should have proper licensing, as well as certifications, noting that they are skilled and able to address the unique needs of a commercial property.

Once you choose the right commercial heating & air conditioning contractor for your property, consider scheduling multiple year visits in advance, so you do not need to think of maintenance. Most contractors will offer discounts for prescheduling multiple services and can ensure that the technicians will be familiar with the building and have all of the records in-house.

For a thorough estimate and preventative maintenance package, call the experts at 1-800 Bill Howe (245-5469). Bill Howe Heating & Air specialists are certified and trained and offer extensive packages designed for each unique property.

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