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Air Conditioning Tips of the Week!


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As temperatures continue to soar, Bill Howe Heating & Air wants to advise our San Diego air conditioning customers to check the quality of their drip pan (also known as a “safety pan”) on their indoor air handler. The pan keeps the condensation that your air conditioner creates off the floor. However, if the pan is dirty or old, water can leak onto your floor, which creates problems, especially if you have wood underlay flooring. Moisture leaking outside the pan may also contribute to mold growth.

Should you need assistance checking your drip pan, one of our skilled technicians can help. After all, when it comes to air conditioning, San Diego residents trust us. Not only can we check the condition of your drip pan, but we can also inspect the drainpipe that carries off the condensation and verify that it’s draining properly. We know that over time, these pipes can clog from algae growth, dust, insect invasions or plant debris. And, if the water can’t drain properly, it can back up into the safety pan and possibly overflow.

Our routine air conditioning inspections also involve examining the insulation around the drainpipe. The insulation protects the pipes from condensation that can damage many areas of your home through which the pipes run. The course of the pipe is often concealed, so you could have leaks, condensation or drips you’re unaware of, creating issues that could be avoided with a simple inspection.

At Bill Howe Heating & Air, we highly encourage our customers to inspect the areas outdoors where the drainpipe runs from time to time. Any streaks or discoloring along the exterior or roof of your home near the drainpipe may indicate that you have problems with your air conditioner drainage system. Solving  problems  with your San Diego air conditioning unit is quick and easy at Bill Howe. Our exceptional team of technicians has the knowledge and skill necessary to have your unit running like new in no time.

So, when it comes to air conditioning, San Diego home and business owners have counted on us for years, and you can too!

To schedule an appointment or for more information regarding these safety tips and your air conditioning, San Diego residents please contact us at 1-800-BILL-HOWE (1-800-245-5469).

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