How Much Do New Kitchen Faucets Cost, And Why?

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Kitchen Faucet?

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With 37 years of experience in plumbing in San Diego, Bill Howe knows faucets. We’ve been repairing and replacing kitchen faucets all over the county and have seen all types—wall mount, deck mount, gooseneck, and the easy to difficult. We even send our plumbers to the San Diego Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Academy to ensure they are trained in all Uniform Plumbing Code, minor and major plumbing service, repairs and installation. When you need a faucet replacement, whether you’re upgrading or replacing due to age and wear, our experts are the right plumbers for the job.

But how much can you expect to pay?
There are many cost factors and variables that can determine the cost to install a kitchen faucet. And in San Diego, you have a wide range of choices for plumbers. Some charge by the hour, some by the job, and each may have their own benefits, but it is important to know what your faucet installation cost will be and why, prior to beginning the job. A range to give you a good idea of an ideal job might be $250-400, including installation for a mid-range faucet; however, keep in mind that the cost reflects the cost effective fixture and quick labor cost, but does not take into account all of the ways a kitchen faucet installation could change.

Condition of the Existing Faucet

  • Older faucets will typically be harder and take longer to remove and make ready for a new installation.
  • Often, corrosion of the pipes and internal components can make it a challenge, costing extra in labor charges if your plumber charges an hourly rate.

Deck Mount or Wall Mount Faucet Design

  • Faucets installed directly onto the countertop or sink will invariably be easier to replace. All the piping is easily accessible and the plumber can readily check for any issues with the configuration.
  • Wall mount faucets are trickier. Because they are mounted directly to the wall, issues inside of the wall are not knowing until you get into the job.

Counter and sink

  • If the faucet you have chosen has a different configuration (a single handle faucet to one with hot and cold hands for instance) the installation may require additional work to correctly install the new faucet.
  • It is always best to match the holes in the sink to the new faucet.

Type of faucet

  • Go into any home store and the fixture aisles provide a wide array of pricing on kitchen faucets. Faucet prices vary based on metal finishes, functionality, and manufacturer.
  • For a mid-grade faucet, you can expect to spend anywhere from $99-199.
  • The fancier and more durable faucets will be more expensive, but may have features and functionalities that make the price tag worth it.
  • One place to save is to purchase the faucet yourselves, but do so only when you have spoken to a professional to ensure you get the best quality and correct style for your application.

Water supply lines and shut off valves

  • Water supply lines are a single use application. What that means, if you disconnect the water supply from the shut-off valves, you should always use new lines instead of just reconnecting the existing plumbing lines—even if they are in good condition. The threading becomes weak and leaks are much more likely when using a reconnection.
  • Bill Howe recommends replacing shut off valves every 5-7 years. Over time, they can weaken and can cause major damage if they develop a leak or burst. Depending on the condition or age, you may want to consider changing them when having the new kitchen faucet installed.
  • In San Diego, part costs can range between $30-50 for supply lines and shut off valves.

Labor costs-hourly or by the Job?

  • It is common in San Diego to find work such as new kitchen faucet installations being charged by the job as a flat rate or by the hour.
  • Bill Howe charges an hourly rate in order to ensure that customers are getting customized quotes for exactly what they need.
  • Our expert plumbers will also provide free estimates prior to any work. By assessing all the factors that go into your new kitchen faucet installation, Bill Howe can provide a detailed estimate for total time, materials, and plumber cost.

For your free installation estimate on your new kitchen faucet, call 1-800 Bill Howe (245-5469) today. You will be getting one of our highly-trained technicians who will help you choose the right fixtures and get the job done right, the Bill Howe Way!

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