Water Damage Mitigation

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In San Diego, water damage is a high priority when structural and building materials are affected. Our San Diego water restoration team is able to categorize your water loss based on the length of time the water has affected the structure, the temperature of the affected materials, and assessing pre-existing conditions. With this knowledge, your San Diego water damage can easily be remediated and your home or commercial building restored to its original state.

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In the occurrence of a flood, our water damage San Diego crew will extract as much water in the liquid state as possible; this expedites the drying process and lowers the amount of equipment needed to finish the dry down. Extraction and evaporation (with dehumidification) are the only ways water can be removed from a wet structure. Our extraction and evaporation techniques always meet the industry standard for water restoration, San Diego.

At Bill Howe Restoration & Flood Services, our technicians are trained and experienced in San Diego water restoration and mitigation. We have state-of-the-art equipment to quickly and efficiently remove the water from your property.

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