DIY SHower Head Installation Made Easy

DIY SHower Head Installation Made Easy

There are many times when it would be wise to call a professional plumber in San Diego. Water heater bursts, slab leaks, unknown leaks, and overflowing drains all indicate a larger issue that may need expertise and training. But, if you are wanting to update your fixtures, you can save the hourly fee by doing it yourself. Shower heads are a perfect example. As long as the pipe is in good condition, swapping out your old inefficient showerhead for something unique is pretty easy. In our latest “Howe-To” Video Series, we show you how to swap that old showerhead for a Kohler Moxie (we talked about this cool showerhead in a previous post). Add a little music to your morning routine as easy as one-two-three (and maybe four and five!)

Items You Will Need

New Shower Head (We really like the Moxie; it’s Music to Your Ears)
Channel Locks
A Towel (to use underneath the channel locks to keep from scratching your new fixture)
Plumbers Dope
Teflon Tape

Most shower heads come with easy instructions. The only thing you want to be cautious is if the showerhead does not want to come off easily. Be careful not to force it (if it is stuck, you could damage the pipe in the wall). Make sure to remove all the old plumber’s tape before installing new tape. Install new tape clockwise (in the direction you will turn the new shower head). And don’t forget to check for leaks!

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