Qest Plumbing San Diego

Qest (polybutylene) plumbing was a popular water supply system in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Polybutylene pipe (sometimes called PB or Poly-B pipe) is easily identifiable since it is non-rigid, usually gray but at times silver or black, plastic pipe. It is not PVC or CPVC, which is a rigid white or off-white plastic pipe. It has been used in approximately six million mobile homes, apartments, houses and other structures throughout the United States and was sold under the popular names: Qest, Thermoguard, and Flex-Temp.

A significant number of PB plumbing systems began to experience problems with leaky fittings by the late 1980’s. Therefore, the system was discontinued. Although this type of plumbing is no longer available for new installations, Bill Howe Plumbing carries all necessary materials to repair these systems.

We also have extensive experience to conduct a total re-pipe or replacement of Qest systems if you would like to update your current plumbing at a fair price.

We have been offering excellent service at reasonable prices throughout the San Diego community for more than 35 years. Unlike the plumbing companies working to avoid cost conscience customers the Howe family built a business embracing these customers needs. It soon became clear that homeowners needed the same cost advantages. So, since we are a family owned company, there is no giant corporation headquarters demanding high prices, which in turn, means low prices for you!

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