Bill Howe Plumbing Goes Green, While Staying Blue!

Bill Howe Plumbing Goes Green, While Staying Blue!

San Diego plumbing service company adds fuel-efficient vehicles to fleet and brands them with signature blue logo

July 19, 2012 San Diego, Calif. – In their continued commitment to sustainability by initiating and promoting beneficial eco-friendly business practices, San Diego plumbing service company, Bill Howe Plumbing, has added four new fuel-efficient vehicles to their fleet. The vehicles have been expertly wrapped in the company’s signature “Bill Howe Blue” and red, and they are ready to make an appearance on the road.

With over 70 vehicles on the road every day, Bill Howe knows the importance of fuel San Diego Plumbing service company's fuel-efficient truckefficiency. The newest addition to the Bill Howe fleet, endearingly referred to as the “Tonka Trucks” by the technicians, will save on fuel and emissions. The “Tonka Trucks” get up to an estimated 24 miles per gallon, compared to the average 14 miles per gallon from other common service vans.

“Gas prices are still pretty high and with the number of trucks we have on the road, it can get expensive,” said Tina Howe, Vice President of the Bill Howe Family of Companies. “With our new fuel-efficient vehicles, we can continue to service most areas of San Diego County and continue to offer our customers the lowest possible price.”

Other ways that Bill Howe Plumbing keeps their fleet fuel efficiency is through the use of a wireless GPS vehicle monitoring system. The GPS system allows the company to monitor and reduce idle times, monitor speed and gas usage, and the need for vehicle maintenance.  It also allows the company to closely monitor where technicians are in San Diego. Technicians’ days are started with jobs assigned close to their homes and the company’s dispatchers work hard to keep them within a ten-mile radius to avoid the cost and negative environmental effect of wasted fuel.

Bill Howe Plumbing has been the leading San Diego plumbing service company since 1980 and has made a company-wide commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. The Bill Howe office has adopted eco-conscious practices incorporating energy and water reduction, as well as recycling. Bill Howe Plumbing has also teamed up with Give Something Back Office Supplies. This unique company donates 75 percent of their earnings to non-profit organizations who share the mission to improve local communities and help the environment thrive, as well as offering over 6,000 “green” office supply products and complimentary recycling programs. Bill Howe Heating & Air is involved as well, participating with Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC), helping customers dispose of their mercury thermostats in an environmentally safe way and in compliance with California law. And now, Bill Howe Heating & Air offers anyone the opportunity to come in and dispose of their thermostats!

In 2011, Bill Howe Plumbing participated in Sam’s Club Environmental Sustainability Challenge. Teamed up with Students in Free Enterprise (SiFE), and in conjunction with Sam’s Club and San Diego City College, Bill Howe Plumbing added their expertise and know-how to SiFE’s project helping empower the local restaurant, The Cine Cafe,  to make necessary improvements increasing recycling and reducing waste and energy costs. Bill Howe Plumbing donated parts and labor to fix a hot water leak that was wasting approximately 24 gallons a day.

To learn more about Bill Howe Plumbing ‘s newest fleet addition and how it is just one part of their “Go Green” initiative to protect the future of  the San Diego community,  visit or contact Bill Howe Communications Director, Julie Riddle at [email protected]



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