Hillcrest Air Conditioning

At Bill Howe, we know how uncomfortable and inconvenient dealing with the heat of summer can be, especially if your air conditioning unit in your home or office isn’t working to its full potential. So if you are in the Hillcrest area and are in need of a Hillcrest air conditioning technician, we can help! Our air conditioning specialists can perform routine maintenance and repairs on your unit in order to make certain that it’s up to the job of keeping your home or business cool when the temperature gauge starts rising. Further, doing a routine maintenance check twice a year and changing your air conditioner’s filters regularly can help you avoid expensive repairs or potential replacement.

When you get one of our Hillcrest air conditioning technicians to perform any maintenance or repairs to your air conditioning unit, you can be assured that you have chosen highly trained and skilled professionals to work on your system. Once our technician arrives, he will begin assessing the situation immediately by asking you what you have noticed from your unit’s performance and what concerns you may have. Our Hillcrest AC repair technicians perform extensive diagnostic testing to insure that your unit is working to its full capacity and to prevent any potentially costly issues.

The diagnostic testing that you can expect consists of testing the electrical systems, test running the unit, checking the refrigerant pressure, and checking the air filter. We also check for mechanical errors, ensure the condenser and evaporator coils are clear of dirt or debris, check the communication between the thermostat and the unit, and check duct work for air leaks.

So, call Bill Howe Heating & Air today and rest easier knowing that your air conditioning unit’s maintenance and Hillcrest AC repair is in fully trained and capable hands.

To schedule an appointment with a Hillcrest air conditioning specialist, please contact us at 1-800-BILL-HOWE (1-800-245-5469).