Resources and Tips

Activities for Kids
Programs, tools and resources for youth to live a stronger, healthier life. Your kids can have an active role in their health and the health of others. Below are some… Read More
Healthy Foods Under $1
Eating healthy on a budget
can seem difficult; but it can be
done! Being creative can help
you stick to your budget and
incorporate nutritious foods
into your diet. Read More
Help Children Develop Healthy Habits
You can help your child develop healthy habits early in life that will bring lifelong benefits. As a parent, you can encourage your… Read More
Physical Activity Around the House
Our days are hectic and busy,
filled with all sorts of events
and chores making it difficult to
find time to be physically active
on some days. Read More
Make Fast Food Friendlier
Feeding your children nutritious meals between all your daily activities can be a challenge. While you zoom back and forth between soccer practice… Read More
Limit Tube Time and Get Your Kids Moving
Experts recommend that kids get no more than 1–2 hours of TV/computer/video games a day — most kids get 4–6 hours. You know… Read More