Filter Cleaning San Diego

All home heating or air conditioning systems use filtration to create a flow of clean air through the home. To keep these comfort systems running both effectively and efficiently, the filters should be changed regularly. Bill Howe offers filter cleaning in San Diego to help you keep the comfort systems in your home or business running smoothly.

To keep the air flowing through the comfort system’s filtration properly, the filters should be changed as needed. The frequency that filters need to be changed will depend on the specific heating or air conditioning system and how often it is used. System filters should be changed at least twice yearly. It may be necessary to change filters as often as monthly or bimonthly when warm California weather conditions result in frequent air conditioner use, or when the original air quality is low as a result of dust or pet dander.

Fresh air filters are most effective in filtering dust and debris from the air and insuring clean airflow through a home. Air that runs through a clean filter and has dust and debris removed also has a positive impact on the energy efficiency of the comfort system. In contrast, air that bypasses a dirty filter can carry dirt into the system and reduce the evaporator coil’s heat-absorbing capacity and cause an increase in energy consumption.

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