Drywall And Plaster Repair

Often times, drywall and plaster repairs are best done by the professionals. Experts can perform residential repairs faster and more efficiently. Still, many homeowners prefer to do these repairs by themselves. But, sometimes DIY fans can run into issues that might require a little professional help. That’s where Bill Howe comes in. We have been proudly serving the local community for over three decades, and while you may know us as the leading San Diego plumbers, we do so much more! In addition to providing the very best San Diego plumbers, Bill Howe has a wide variety of experts skilled in home improvement. From San Diego plumbers to HVAC techs, drywall and plaster repair to mold removal, and wallpaper removal to painting, we have the right person for the job. Plus our San Diego plumbers, drywall and plaster repairmen and HVAC technicians are committed to providing the very best in service.

Water can damage drywall in homes and offices throughout San Diego. Plumbers can help minimize the occurrence of these kinds of problems. They can fix the source of leaks. Water often comes in from the roof or ceiling. If water damage is ignored, the drywall may not be usable again. It may need to be replaced, and that can be very costly. Homeowners should bear in mind that wet drywall is a health threat. Mold can thrive on it. Therefore, drywall repair should be a top priority.

Plaster can fix most drywall damage. Plaster application requires good hand-eye coordination. Without such skill, the remedy does not always last. This is why many residents call a San Diego plumber and a drywall company when water problems leave walls damaged. Only professionals can do the job with ease and efficiency. In addition, they know the best products to use for specific types of damage.

Bill Howe is a certified San Diego plumber, HVAC expert and remodeling specialist. No matter what the cause of drywall damage is, we can handle it. Homeowners can always get the most professional solution for their drywall problem with us.

To schedule an appointment or receive an estimate, please contact us at 1-800-BILL-HOWE (1-800-245-5469).