William Haws

Executive Management

William Haws

General Manager
Bill Howe Family of Companies

Team Member Since: 1986


What is your specialty?
Slab Leaks.

What are you most passionate about in your field?
Training and mentoring employees and problem-solving.

What do you like most about working for Bill Howe?
My team; the employees!

Where can we find you when you’re not working?
Reffing on the football field, on the golf course or spending time with my daughters and grandkids.

Ask me about…
The most difficult leak to find, the most difficult part to find, football rules and reffing, the perfect golf shot and Minnesota.

My favorite…
Color is blue, football team is the Dallas Cowboys and team member is Amber!

About William

Bill Haws started with Bill Howe Plumbing in 1986, just six years after the company started and had only a handful of employees.
Bill moved to San Diego from his home town in Minnesota in 1984 and started his career in the plumbing industry with a small local plumbing company.

Soon after, Bill heard about Bill Howe Plumbing and the good and honest workmanship and management style of the company. It is with Bill Howe Plumbing that Bill learned everything he knows about the trade. He worked in the field for about two years before he was promoted to control the company’s inventory and was known as the “answer guy” for the technicians. In 1990 Bill was officially named Bill Howe Plumbing’s Operations Manager and again promoted in 2009 to his current position as the general manger for all the company’s divisions. He is still the “answer guy” and one of the most sought after opinions in the company. If he can’t find the solution, there likely isn’t one to be found.
In addition to his vast knowledge of all things plumbing, the obscure and the readily available, “Haws” is the Official Emcee of ceremonies for all Bill Howe parties, company meetings and summer picnics.

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