Mark Card

Executive Management

Mark Card

Chief Technology Officer
Bill Howe Family of Companies

Team Member Since: 1994


What is your specialty?
Integrating the changing needs of the service industry with the exponential growth of technological advances.

What are you most passionate about in your field?
The rapid process of technology, and adding mobility information.

What do you like most about working for Bill Howe?
Continued improvement of services with the day to day challenges.

Where can we find you when you’re not working?
Riding with my dog on our bike.

Ask me about…
Target air rifles. Sidecars.

My favorite…
Is taking my dog to Ocean Beach Dog Beach.

About Mark

When Mark came to Bill Howe Plumbing nineteen years ago, he advanced the company into a new era as the sole technology officer. Over the course of the last 21 years, he has not failed to keep Bill Howe’s Family of Companies moving forward through changing times and innovations. When he first came on board, the dispatch board was a cork-board with thumbtacks. Each call ticket was printed, tacked to the board along a grid indicating which tech was to make the service call. They used pagers and payphones. Nineteen years later has seen the re-visioning of the dispatch program, all calls are visible at all times and accessible across all three divisions. When asked in his initial interview in 1994, why he should be hired, he made it clear that during the early years of innovation in technology, he did not pretend to possess all of the answers. But, he knew how to go about finding them. Mark was then, and is now, a problem-solver with an unfailing success rate. He advised Bill Howe, Sr. to be wary of anyone claiming to have a handle on technology, and he was right. Technology is ever-changing, advancing faster than can be predicted, and the man who deserves to be recognized for his advancements and innovations is the individual who knows how to recognize the correct questions then aggressively seeks the answers.

Currently, Mark is in the testing phase of launching Bill Howe Plumbing even further by a directly linking dispatch to technician to customer. With the move into a larger space and growth on the horizon, the next step is being taken to connect the company directly to its customers. He has overseen the new software design to allow Bill Howe Plumbing to keep its current standard of quality while allowing the technicians to have even more information at the ready for customers on each call. The field technicians will be traveling with their own “mobile office,” with all answers and resources at their fingertips.

The move to a completely paperless and integrated system of information will further Bill Howe Plumbing in their industry to provide more cost-efficient services to the community of San Diego, and create a better-constructed workday for the technicians in the field. The move ahead will cut back on incorrect information that causes delays wasting time, gas and money. It will create a transparent entity for customers opening the door for a more interactive customer experience, instilling confidence in the services Bill Howe Plumbing is able to provide.

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