When should you camera inspect your sewer line?

When should you camera inspect your sewer line?

Towards the end of 2013, many homeowners in San Diego received letters educating them about sewer line warranties through a city partnership with a third party company, Sewer Line Warranties of America. The program might have surprised some San Diego residents, but it also served to educate them on what lines are there responsibility; in San Diego, the lateral lines that run to the city sewer main are the homeowner’s responsibility, even if the line runs underneath the sidewalk or street!

Before Photos of Lateral Lining (2)

Heavy scale buildup in sewer lines can cause frequent backups.

While the legitimate need for the warranty program will vary depending on who you ask, one thing is clear, homeowners who may experience problems, or who might be concerned about future costly repairs, should know the condition of their sewer line.  Bill Howe has been the premier San Diego plumber since 1980, and has expert knowledge of sewer line inspection cleaning and even sewer re-lining in San Diego.

The best way to determine the condition of your sewer line is by a camera inspection. A San Diego plumber will provide a full view of the sewer line, depth of the line and location of any tree root intrusions, breaks, scale buildup or other common sewer line problems. Having a sewer camera inspection allows the homeowner to understand what potential issue may arise, or if they need to address a problem immediately. It can also determine if your line is a candidate for sewer relining in San Diego. This process restores your broken, corroded or deteriorating sewer line without the costly dig-ups and trenching.

Lateral Lining After Photo (1)

Epoxy sewer relining restores the pipe to new condition.

It is also helpful to inspect the sewer line prior to purchasing a new home or if you suspect that there is a problem on the city side. If the city line is compromised, having a San Diego plumber inspect the line and notify the city can help the homeowner work with the city towards solution. The city will only review reports from a licensed plumber.



As the homeowner, you will also receive a DVD so that you can view the line yourself and understand exactly what is happening underneath your property!

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