We’re Collecting Tools for Plumbers in Need!

We’re Collecting Tools for Plumbers in Need!

We found this article, Training to be a Plumber in Ghana by Julius Ballanco and featured in www.PMmag.com about a 4-year plumbing program in Ghana and how the students are learning about the plumbing trade. This article resonates so deeply with our company and our industry that we wanted to take action and get involved.

We have always been dedicated to training our own plumbers, as well as educating the community and our customers on the importance of licensed and trained specialists. Plumbers really do protect the nation, and evidence is found in many developing counties where they do not have access to safe plumbing (if any), safe water, and safe sanitation practices.

We are excited by this opportunity to make a difference to individuals working to improve their community, and they are doing it all without the use of the tools we take for granted. As Mr. Ballanco wrote, “Knowing that they had the responsibility to protect the clean water instilled a sense of pride in the students.” We are proud of any individual, dedicated to protecting their community and taking pride in a job done safely.

That’s why we are joining in. We will be campaigning asking that our team members, community members, industry partners and vendors join us an donate any power tools over the next month that we will then send to the plumbing program and follow the progress of this amazing group.

The article ends with a great call to action, a challenge we are excited to accept: “If you are ever presented with the opportunity to participate in a mission of this sort, I would encourage you to seriously consider it. The experience will be life-changing.”

If you are reading this, please join us and donate any old tools. Since the holidays are coming, we bet you’ll be getting some new ones!

Watch Human Resource Manager, Amber Rush, on Morning Extra at CW San Diego & CBS  studios.

Reach out to Julie Riddle at [email protected] or 619-286-6348, or message us here to find out how to join us in collecting tools for plumbers!




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