Thanksgiving Day Plumbing Tips: Avoid Emergencies!

Thanksgiving Day Plumbing Tips: Avoid Emergencies!

happy thanksgiving from bill howe plumbing san diego

Thanksgiving Day is one of our busiest days of the year for clogged kitchen sinks and toilets. But, it doesn’t have to happen to you. Follow these easy tips to stay emergency free this Thanksgiving.

Before you start any dishes, check the disposal. Run hot water and a little degreasing soap for a few minutes to make sure it’s clear, then follow these simple tips to avoid backed up drains and an emergency plumbing call!

Use the disposal sparingly, or best yet, not at all. Make sure to scrape all food particles into the trash before rinsing plates.

Avoid the dishwasher if something has gone down the disposal by accident. Your dishwasher is connected to the disposal and could cause a thanksgiving mess!

If you’re hosting guests, make sure they know to only throw toilet paper in the toilet, no other products are flushable, even if the package says so!

If you do experience an emergency, determine if it can wait. If your drains are a bit slow and you can avoid using them, wait for Friday and regular rates. But, if you are overflowing or flooding, call 1-800 BILL HOWE (245-5469), we have emergency plumbers to take care of you 24/7.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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