Cast Iron Line Rehabilitation: Medical Building

Cast Iron Line Rehabilitation: Medical Building

Bill Howe Plumbing began with a very simple business model: offer the highest quality of customer service in sewer and drain cleaning in San Diego at the most affordable price. After 35 years, we feel it is safe to say that we have mastered drain cleaning, and over the past decade, drain lining in San Diego.

Bill Howe Plumbing has created an expert lining division within the company. Technicians have a combined (years) experience in residential and commercial applications. Recent projects include Navy work and a regular schedule of residential homes.

Medical buildings face a much bigger problem than inconvenience when sewer lines back up. Not only are staff and patients without facilities, but the sterile environment can become compromised. Sewer re-lining is an especially effective method of permanent drain rehabilitation.

The Bill Howe Lining team is the expert in drain cleaning and rehabilitation and it is no wonder that they are called upon for repair of these challenges.

Case Example: Medical Building Sewer Line rehabilitation

Problem: 288 ft Deteriorating sewer system (cast iron) in slab foundation causing multiple backups.

Solution: Mechanical cleaning and high power jetting to clear line, pull-in-place epoxy lining.

The two person lining team was faced with the added challenge of not disrupting the business during working hours, so all work was performed after hours. The total time on the job spanned 10 days and included mechanical cleaning tools to descale the line, followed by high powered jetting. Once the line was clean, the epoxy lining was installed with the pull-in-place method.

Whether it is a commercial office space, sterile medical environment or residential home, Bill Howe lining has the answer for you. Call 1-800 Bill Howe (245-5469) today to learn more about how epoxy lining can save you costly drain maintenance in San Diego.







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